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Stay Focused and Write Kick —Butt Copy!

Hiya CopyStar, I just had an experience with a copy cub that drove me NUTS! She’s a good writer — but her copy was all over the place! She meandered…shifted gears…and brought up new ideas — all in the same paragraph! When she read her copy out loud — I wanted to pull out my […]

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How to Write an Offer Your Prospect Can’t Refuse

Hiya CopyStar, Don’t you love it when you find an AMAZING deal? I sure do! When my oldest daughter was getting married – I needed to find a dress for the wedding.  One thing I knew for certain: I’m not wearing a traditional mother-of-the bride sequined jacket/gown combo!  I wanted a dress that said…KABOOM! My cousin had found […]

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Take Your Prospect on a Joy Ride – and Nail the Sale!

Hiya CopyStar, I love roller coasters! Waiting in line — and hearing the screams of the folks ahead of me gets the goosebumps going… …The anticipation of the car creeping up the tracks shoots adrenaline through my veins…. … And when I’m approaching a big drop — my heart starts to pound. Boom-boom… boom-boom. The closer I […]

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Here’s how to punch up your copy with PROOF!

I’m from Missouri – so, you gotta SHOW me!Here’s how to punch up your copy with PROOF! Hiya CopyStar, OK — so I’m not really from Missouri — but the headline wouldn’t work if I said Maryland!  But even though I’m not a Missourian — I still need you to SHOW me — not tell me. And you know what — your […]

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Kick your copywriting into high gear

How to Kick Your Writing Into High Gear — and Create Winning Controls! Hiya CopyStar, I’ve got not 1…not 2…but THREE ways to get you out of your writing slump…sharpen your skills… and kick your copywriting skills into high gear! Follow these steps — and you’ll be smarter…wiser…and RICHER in 2019! It’s copywriting not copy […]

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Forget perfect copy – write FAST copy instead!

  Write even FASTER Copy… Slash Your Writing Time By 60%… and DOUBLE — and dare I say — TRIPLE Your Income!   Hiya CopyStar, World-class copywriter Clayton Makepeace launched a health revolution — and he did it in a weekend! That’s how long it took him to write the blockbuster promotion called “Give Me […]

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