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You say “toe-may-toe…”

Here’s a little help to develop your OWN writing style!


Hiya CopyStar!

I always chuckle when I hear people fuss over words like:

  • Syrup — Is it seer-up or sirr-up?
  • Pecan — Is it pee-can or puh-kahn?
  • New Orleans — Is it New Oar-lins or New Or-leans?

Soooo — CopyStar — how do you pronounce those words?

However YOU Like!

In other words, it’s a personal choice. As long as your point is clear — and people can connect with what you’re saying — then it’s all good! Don’t sweat it!

The same applies to writing styles. Make your point… connect with your reader — and it’s all good!

No copywriter should feel LOCKED into a particular way of writing. For example — in my intense mentorship program I started last month — l noticed my “Tenacious Trio” have very different writing styles.

And none of them write like me. But guess what?

That’s PURRfectly fine! It doesn’t matter!

I can say that because when I first started out as a copywriter — I tried to mimic the writing style of my mentor Clayton Makepeace. But Clayton didn’t want me to write EXACTLY like him. He taught me something even better! He showed me how to use my own style to connect with my reader!

And I’ve got TONS of really great ways to show you how to connect with your reader and capture his attention in my ebook: Anatomy of a Kick-Butt Control: How to Create a Winning Promo from Start to Finish. So — right now — I’m going to share 2 tips to help you fine tune your writing style.

Tip #1 — Write like you’re the reader. Appeal to his emotion. Get into his head when you’re writing. Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes.

For example, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What’s keeping him up at night with worry?
  2. How will this product make him feel?
  3. What does he want?
  4. Why does he need this product NOW?
  5. How can you make him happy?

Tip #2 — Write about emotions. Focus on emotions and the words will follow! Talk about wants and desires. Help your prospect envision himself feeling better, thinner, mentally sharper — or whatever promise you’re making!

To help you appeal to your reader’s emotion — ask yourself:

  1. Am I nodding my head YES as I read this copy — as in “YES! I want this product NOW”?
  2. Am I tugging at the heart strings?
  3. Am I keeping it personal — so my prospect knows it’s just the two of us having a conversation?
  4. Am I showing him what he’s missing out if he doesn’t get this product RIGHT NOW?
  5. Am I delivering an irresistible offer that he would feel foolish if he didn’t snatch it up RIGHT now?

Write copy to grab your prospect by the eyeballs! And make him eager, ready and willing to pull out that credit card and pick up the phone right now!

Like I said earlier… I talk a lot about how to keep your reader engaged in my ebook: Anatomy of a Kick-Butt Control: How to Create a Winning Promo from Start to Finish. You’ll soon write copy that jumps off the page — and lands right into your reader’s heart! And — you’ll see the royalty checks fill up your wallet!

Yours for stellar results,

Million-Dollar Copywriter & Consultant