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This is serious…

The dark side of copywriting

Hiya CopyStar

There’s a dirty… lowdown… and downright unethical side of copywriting you need to know about. In fact, when I think about it too long — it makes my blood boil!

And I hate wasting space talking about it — especially when I should be sharing more killer copywriting tips with you — but it’s just that serious.

What is it?

The technical term is Copyright infringement. I call it plain, ole STEALING! 

After all, what would YOU call it when people take YOUR work — without permission or compensation — to put money in THEIR wallets? 

They steal. They scam. They lie!

Let me tell what happened to me recently. My assistant Cynthia came across a website promoting one of my ebooks. These guys were using my sales copy to sell my ebook and keeping all the profits. But that’s not all…

… as we began to investigate this — we found out over 300 websites were ripping off my stuff! Some of these shysters even made it seem like I was working with them to endorse and promote my ebooks and programs on their sites!

So let me make it perfectly clear CopyStar: Besides my OWN website (, the only company I allow to sell my copyrighted material is AWAI. I trust these folks and we have a genuine working relationship. 

So if you see any of my stuff being sold on any other websites — please do me a favor — and let me know about it! Email me at I WILL take immediate action!

But this isn’t just about my business. These scammers are bringing down the entire copywriting industry!

That means if you want to survive in this copywriting biz — you’re at risk too! So whether you’re a new… aspiring… or veteran copywriter — listen up!

If you’ve written copy, books or created programs — and want to protect your hard work from crooks and thieves — check out Takedown Czar. These folks specialize in internet PIRACY — and target unethical companies and websites that STEAL your stuff! 

Hey — you put your heart and soul in your writing — so no one has the right to steal your name… reputation — and even your search engine ranking!

The government even enforces stiff penalties — up to $150,000 fines — for stealing copyrighted work!

And it’s not okay to buy ebooks, reports, videos or copywriting programs at DEEP discounts from unethical websites either. You, in essence — would be supporting these shysters — and bringing down an industry you want to be a part of! Not cool at all!

Let’s continue to support each other and work together — to catch and shut these no good so & so’s down! 

Alright — enough ranting! In the next issue — I’ll get back to business and share more practical tips and suggestions for writing kick-butt copy! 

Yours for stellar results,

Million-Dollar Copywriter & Consultant