How a Mixed-Race Woman Dominated the 50+ Year-Old White Male Market!

(and now shows YOU how you can do it too!)


It was a 50+ year-old white male who got my 20-year old Haitian mother pregnant.

It was a 50+ year-old white male who taught me how to write copy.

It was the 50+ year-old white male market who provided me with the amazing and highly successful career that I wish to share with you now.

Could there be any better name for this book?

My Life as a 50+ Year-Old White Male: How a Mixed-Raced Woman Stumbled Into Direct-Response Copywriting and Succeeded! is going to get all kinds of real. It’s a no holds barred memoir of how I stumbled into this crazy biz – and succeeded!

My name is Carline Anglade-Cole – and if you haven’t heard of me – that’s OK. I’m pretty sure you’ve purchased many of the million dollars’ worth of natural health products I’ve helped my clients sell in the alternative health market.

But if you do know me – then you know I’m the ghostwriter and voice of leading alternative health doctors who guide and help you stay as healthy as possible – using Mother Nature’s remarkable remedies.

In my new marketing memoir, My Life as a 50+ Year-Old White Male, you’re going to uncover my winning strategies and closely kept secrets that helped me become an award-winning, million-dollar copywriter. I’ll share lessons I learned from my humble beginnings as a Haitian immigrant...stay-at-home mom raising 4 stumbling into the direct-response industry with an $8 an-hour, customer-service, part-time job – and launching a health revolution!

I’m sharing stuff I’ve NEVER shared before!

Yep – I’m pulling the curtain WAAAY back! I’m sharing stories from leaders in the industry such as my mentor, the Master Copywriter himself, Mr. Clayton Phillips Publishing became a powerhouse in the alternative health well as personal lessons learned from my grandmother, Mama Da – that developed into killer marketing strategies I use over and over when writing copy!

I admit – some of my stories are hilarious and crazy – but...

...they turned out to be amazing lessons that helped me become a better, stronger copywriter – and can help YOU too!

Just what you need!

Yep - this book may be MY story – but I wrote it for YOU.

So if you’re...

  • An immigrant

    you can relate to language challenges and starting a new life in a new world!

  • A woman

    you know the challenges of working in a male-dominated field!

  • A stay-at-home mom

    and going CRAZY with 4 kids – while your friends are succeeding in their dream jobs!

  • A working mother

    you can relate to trying to breastfeed... deal with sick kids... and still meeting deadlines!

  • A minority

    and “sticking out like a sore thumb!”

  • Struggling in the corporate world

    and trying to get your big break!

  • An aspiring copywriter

    hoping you’ve got what it takes to reach your dreams!

  • A seasoned copywriter

    trying to stay relevant and fighting off “imposter syndrome”!

  • Trying to launch a business

    and all the angst and fear that goes along with it!

  • A business owner

    looking for NEW ways to reach your customers!

  • A marketer

    who needs new, New, NEW ideas to stay relevant!

  • And even if you’re a 50+ Year-Old White Male

    you’re going to say – Wow! This girly, curly, tan-faced woman really GETS ME!

Because you’re going to discover a gold mine of marketing strategies... sage advice... clear-cut direction...and a whole lotta encouragement to empower you to build the career and life YOU desire – on your OWN terms!


  • Every time my mentor and Master Copywriter Clayton Makepeace made me cry – my income shot through the roof!

    Here’s the VALUABLE lesson he taught me!

  • Learn the rules – and BREAK ‘EM!

    Here’s how to carve out your own path to success!

  • Why I love to make my clients squirm when they read my copy!

    Follow this tip and you can create out-of-the box WINNERS, too!

  • The six-letter word that could MAKE or BREAK your chances of success and happiness!

    IGNORE it – and you’re doomed to failure!

  • How to create a morning routine to REV up creativity and productivity!

    Here’s how I block out distractions and fiercely protect my “Money Time”!

  • When I used the “race card” – and snagged my first client!

    Not ashamed to say it taught me a POWERFUL lesson that can help YOU too!

  • What my 4 knuckle-head kids taught me about writing kick-butt copy!

    Learned so much – I should’ve had 5 kids or more! (Just kidding – those 4 were PLENTY enough for me!)

  • How to challenge yourself to do and BE better!

    No matter what obstacle you face – you CAN always bring your A-game!

  • How to treat your designers like royalty

    and create a dynamic duo for copy and design!

  • And much...Much...MUCH more!

For example – as a direct-response copywriter, I reveal...

  • The overlooked SECRET to writing killer copy!

    Most writers don’t know or ignore it – and that’s GOOD NEWS for you

  • Why doing your best at 80% is WAY BETTER than 100%!

    Learning this helped BOOST my copywriting success!

  • How fellow copywriters can make YOU lots of money!

    Even if you’re in a completely different niche!

  • Why trying to beat a control is a DUMB move!

    Clayton Makepeace and Gary Bencivenga taught me this valuable lesson!

  • How to find the BEST money-making stories for your lead!

    I’ll tell you now: some of these suggestions are CRAY CRAY – but they work!

  • Why you don’t need TONS of clients to make tons of money.

    DUH! It took me almost 10 years as a freelancer to realize this. I’ll shorten the learning curve for you and GIVE you the answer!

  • Make more money than your doctor

    by playing a doctor in direct mail!

  • Try my “August” trick

    and fill up your schedule a year in advance!

Am I overwhelming you? I hope not – because I’ve got so much MORE to share! But if I can only share ONE piece of advice...

Here’s what I REALLY want YOU to get from My Life as a 50+ Year-Old White Male

I want you to feel empowered that no matter your sex, race, economic background or humble beginnings – you can face any challenge that comes at you – and succeed!

Because “success” is personal – so YOU decide what it really means for you!

Let me tell you this: I’ve learned a heck of a lot in my 30+ years in the direct-response industry – and what I can teach you WILL help you succeed in your career – and your life.

As we say in direct-response, that’s not a promise – it’s a 100% GUARANTEE!

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That’s it!

My one regret...

For years, I asked my mentor, Clayton Makepeace to write a book to share his vast knowledge with aspiring marketers and copywriters.

He always said he would get around to doing it. But, he passed away suddenly on March 24, 2020 and never wrote that book.

Well, I ain’t no spring chicken – so I’m not taking any chances!

I want to get this knowledge to you right here and right NOW!

I want to be around for you to send me a note that says, “Thanks Carline, you changed my life! You gave me great ideas. You gave me a vision. And you gave me a blueprint that works!”

That’s what I want - to give you a living legacy!

I want to help YOU succeed!

So consider this book as a legacy that I leave not only to my family – but to the new generation of copywriters evolving right now. This book is for YOU.

Alright – enough of that mushy stuff - what are you waiting for?

Claim your copy now!


Clayton Makepeace

Copywriter and Publisher
“A seasoned expert and creative genius! Carline is, quite simply, one of the most brilliant copywriters I have ever known: a seasoned expert at creating direct mail packages and web pages that sell the bejeesus out of her clients’ products. Her unique perspective and red-hot sales copy have produced huge controls for major mailers from coast to coast. They literally beg to get on her dance card. I personally reserved every minute of writing time she’ll give me! Take my advice: If you have the chance to work with Carline, JUMP at it!”

Layne Lowery

President, Peak Pure & Natural
“She’s the best I’ve ever worked with! Carline Anglade-Cole is without a doubt one of the finest copywriters I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. She’s extremely talented, fast, and has an amazing number of controls to her name. I’ve personally witnessed another well-respected business owner grovel and beg for a slot on her busy schedule. If you are ever fortunate enough to sign Carline up, you’ll understand why. Definitely one of my favorite people to work with.”

Marcella Allison

A-List Copywriter, Author of Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me This Sh*t Before? and Founder of the Not-So-Secret Order of the Titanides
“She has the love and the guts to tell you like it is! When Carline told me that she was going to write her story, I was over the moon. Not only is she one of the top copywriters in the world, she is also one of the most disciplined and prolific copywriters I know, and she has the stacks of controls and the royalty war chest to prove it. Carline is an incredibly generous teacher and mentor. She's also one of the most energetic and passionate teachers you could hope to have. You'll never be bored and you'll laugh... a lot! Best of all, you can feel how much she wants you to succeed. But what sets Carline apart from so many mentors is that she isn't afraid to have the tough conversations. If you're doing something that she feels is not in alignment with who you are, or that might damage you or your reputation in any way, or isn't up to your own personal standard, she has the love and the guts to tell you. That is rare. I have been blessed with Carline's tough love in my career and I'm a better writer and mentor because of it.”

Denise Ford

Conference & Events Director, AWAI
“A gifted copywriter, a great teacher and an inspiring human being! Carline has the ability to cut to the heart of a problem and come up with a variety of potential solutions. She is able to take a group of people with varying skill levels and bring them to a common space of understanding. Carline knows how to create and deliver value in whatever she does, professionally and personally. It has been a true pleasure working with her on various projects over the years.”

Brian Kurtz

Founder, Titans Marketing and Author of Overdeliver and The Advertising Solution
"Carline’s claim to fame is that she’s one of the top copywriters in the world… but what I love about Carline — and I’ve known her for over 30 years — is that she is a lifelong learner. She has stayed true to her roots and her fundamentals, and it’s about time she wrote a book! Her experiences and adventures in the world of copywriting and direct marketing needed to be documented and the way she has done so in My Life as a 50+ Year-Old White Male is astounding. Her experience writing to “grumpy old men” is a study in empathy, knowing her subject better than anyone, and getting into the conversation going on in her prospect’s head... on a level that no other grumpy old man could ever have done. And she did it as a vivacious, gleeful, very talented (and always youthful) woman. I’ve seen some of the best marketers in the world be amazed by the way she writes, and I think she’s going to boost the careers of a lot of people in this business.”

Bob Bly

A-List Copywriter
“Carline Anglade-Cole is a great copywriter for 3 reasons. First, she has developed and honed her skills through years of writing winning packages. Second, she was mentored by the late Clayton Makepeace, arguably the best copywriter of his generation. Third, she cares about her work, her copy, and getting great results for her clients, which she does on a regular basis. Plus, Carline is one of the nicest copywriters working today, and also by far the youngest-looking grandma among us!”

Rick Popowitz

President and CEO, Biocentric Health
"What can I say about Carline Anglade-Cole? That she’s in the rarified status of Top A+ copywriters… that she’s brilliant and creative and full of ideas… that she is a heck of a researcher — finding copy gems in the most arcane and dull scientific literature… that she is easy to deal with and delivers copy on time… yeah, I could say these things and more. But you know what? While these attributes about Carline are true, there’s primarily one thing a business owner, entrepreneur and marketer really wants. RESULTS! Carline delivers results! Carline has for more than 20 years been my go-to copywriter when I need to promote a nutritional supplement. She has brought in millions for me and for her other clients. Anyone wanting to learn the copywriting secrets of a world-class writer who thinks like a business owner and marketer needs to pay attention to what Carline has to say.”

Kim Krause Schwalm

A-List Copywriter and Copy Mentor
“I’ve known Carline for nearly 30 years. We had a long history working together at Phillips Publishing, and we both got into copywriting around the same time. She’s been a wonderful friend, and she’s one of the top people I respect the most in copywriting and the direct-response industry. She always steps up to teach, she’s completely committed to writing kick-butt copy, and if you ever have the opportunity to work with her or to learn from her, I highly recommend you grab it.”

Chris Allsop

"I've had the honor of working with Carline as my copy coach. And let me tell you, she's a master of emotion and storytelling that sells! Carline grabs your attention with big ideas. Then she holds it with copy that feels like you're sitting across the table talking with her. You can't help but nod your head as you read along — and then take action. No wonder she's made millions for her clients! On top of this, Carline is generous in sharing the strategies and techniques she uses to write million- dollar copy. You'll get it straight and to the point... just like you would from a best friend. She has helped me take my copy to the next level! Now it's your turn. Apply the strategies you get in this book. Then watch and see how it helps your clients — and you — make more money!"

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