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Turn crippling fear into cold cash

Time to Turn Your Fears into Moolah!

Hiya CopyStar!

If it hasn’t happened to you yet — it will. I promise.

The scenario goes something like this: You land a copywriting project. And man-oh-man are you excited. You start to think about all the money you can make in royalties! And you get even MORE excited! 

Then the day finally arrives. You receive your copywriter start kit. You start to go through the research, testimonials, doctor bio — and then…


You freeze. 

You stare at those pages like a deer in headlights.

What just happened? 

You went from courageous to COWARD in just a few nanoseconds.

It’s called fear! 

Then your brain starts whirling a hundred miles an hour — and you start thinking: “Oh, my goodness. Why did I do this? I’m not ready. My client is going to find out that I really can’t write good copy! How do I get out of this?”

Sound familiar?

Listen — I’ve been a freelance copywriter for 21 years — and I still get that gnawing in my gut, racing heart — and that I bit off more than I can chew feeling nearly EVERY TIME I start on a new project. No kidding. 

But — unlike my younger self — this seasoned pro has a few tricks up her sleeve that gets my mojo back — and FAST! You can learn them too. In fact…

… I wrote about how to conquer fear that cripples your writing process in my ebook, “The Do-it-Yourself Guide to Writing Kick-Butt Sales Copy”. Definitely worth checking out. But right now — I’m going to give you 2 powerful ways to face your fear head on — and write eye-grabbing, kick-butt copy! So here we go…

#1 Embrace your fear — Remember this: Fear is a good motivator. I fear being homeless — so I go to work. I fear getting into a car accident, so I don’t run through red traffic lights.Fear of failure can also motivate you to success. 

So, the next time your negative alarm goes off in your head — embrace it and do this: Cross those arms, bob your head from side to side and roll your eyes — like a typical teenager. In other words, embrace fear with a serious ATTITUDE and then say:

…“You done? ‘Cause I’m going to prove you WRONG!” 

Then — go and find whatever successful promotion you’ve written in the past and re-read it. Ask yourself: “Hey, who wrote this killer copy? Then answer: “Oh yeah, I DID — and I can do it again! Fear has no hold on me!”

If you’re a newbie — think of writing projects you’ve worked on and the feedback you got from fellow copywriters, friends or family. 

Did you write a complaint letter to a company — and receive acknowledgement or compensation? Or sent a strong email to someone to make your point — and got the reply you were looking for? If yes — then your copy kicked butt! So now — get your tush in gear and move on to…

#2 Take Baby Steps — Are you afraid of the BIG BAD WOLF-like project? Feeling overwhelmed? 

Then SLOW down! 

When I’m feeling out of control — I tell myself “Ok Carline, just take a couple of days and do nothing but research.” And then I start reading. For example…

…Let’s say my project is to sell a health book that contains 500 pages. I need to read that book — but that’s a LOT of pages! So — I just divide it up and say, “Okay, I need to read 100 pages a day to finish in five days.” 

Man — that still sounds like a LOT.

So, now I say, “Ok, I need to read 20 pages and then I’ll take a 15 minute break. Then, I’ll read another 20 pages and take ANOTHER break!” Much more doable — don’t you think?

Now — while I’m reading — I’m also asking the question, “So what?”

What’s so great about this book? What makes the solutions so unique… desirable… and a MUST HAVE — RIGHT NOW? What’s so great about the doc who wrote the book?

You get it CopyStar? I’m trying to understand what this product has to offer… why somebody would want to buy it — and even why I should think this stuff is so great. 

So as I’m reading — I’m not focusing on the writing process. I’m just absorbing myself into the book and convincing myself how great it is. I’m looking for gems! 

Let me explain.

A long time ago, I learned from my mentor, Clayton Makepeace, to look for the ‘aha’ moments. So whenever I’m reading — and I say to myself, ‘Hey, I didn’t know that’ — I put a sticky note right on that spot. It’s an ‘aha’ moment.” I figure if I don’t know — then my prospect doesn’t either!

The same goes for you.

When you’re reading your research and an idea pops in your head — jot it down immediately. I prefer using sticky notes! 

I put sticky notes all over the publication I’m reading. Then usually by the end of each day — I’ve got some great ideas that just need to be turned into copy. 

So now I start to work with those ideas and they become themes, bullets, sidebars and premiums! And here’s the real bonus:

Sometimes I get a kick-butt headline out of these ideas too! I never know when it’s gonna happen but when it does — it feels MARVELOUS! 

So CopyStar — I’ve just shared a couple ways to face your fears and write kick-butt copy. It’s not brain surgery — but absolutely work! Give ‘em a try!

I love this quote: 

“The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

– Nelson Mandela

Like I said earlier — I’m happy to share with you MORE ways to conquer your fear, kick your copywriting into high gear — and fatten your wallet! Make sure you grab a copy of my ebook “The Do-it-Yourself Guide to Writing Kick-Butt Sales Copy”. 

Yours for stellar results,

Million-Dollar Copywriter & Consultant