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Stay Focused and Write Kick —Butt Copy!

Hiya CopyStar, I just had an experience with a copy cub that drove me NUTS! She’s a good writer — but her copy was all over the place! She meandered…shifted gears…and brought up new ideas — all in the same paragraph! When she read her copy out loud — I wanted to pull out my […]

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How to Write an Offer Your Prospect Can’t Refuse

Hiya CopyStar, Don’t you love it when you find an AMAZING deal? I sure do! When my oldest daughter was getting married – I needed to find a dress for the wedding.  One thing I knew for certain: I’m not wearing a traditional mother-of-the bride sequined jacket/gown combo!  I wanted a dress that said…KABOOM! My cousin had found […]

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Take Your Prospect on a Joy Ride – and Nail the Sale!

Hiya CopyStar, I love roller coasters! Waiting in line — and hearing the screams of the folks ahead of me gets the goosebumps going… …The anticipation of the car creeping up the tracks shoots adrenaline through my veins…. … And when I’m approaching a big drop — my heart starts to pound. Boom-boom… boom-boom. The closer I […]

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Here’s how to punch up your copy with PROOF!

I’m from Missouri – so, you gotta SHOW me!Here’s how to punch up your copy with PROOF! Hiya CopyStar, OK — so I’m not really from Missouri — but the headline wouldn’t work if I said Maryland!  But even though I’m not a Missourian — I still need you to SHOW me — not tell me. And you know what — your […]

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