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You say “toe-may-toe…”

Here’s a little help to develop your OWN writing style! Hiya CopyStar! I always chuckle when I hear people fuss over words like:  Syrup — Is it seer-up or sirr-up?Pecan — Is it pee-can or puh-kahn?New Orleans — Is it New Oar-lins or New Or-leans? Soooo — CopyStar — how do you pronounce those words?  […]

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Turn crippling fear into cold cash

Time to Turn Your Fears into Moolah! Hiya CopyStar! If it hasn’t happened to you yet — it will. I promise. The scenario goes something like this: You land a copywriting project. And man-oh-man are you excited. You start to think about all the money you can make in royalties! And you get even MORE excited!  […]

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If your client wants an inch – give ‘em a mile!

Here’s how to give clients MORE winners — and INCREASE your income Hiya CopyStar! True or false. Your job is to write your client one strong sales promotion. If you answered true — you’re MISSING OUT on some serious MOOLAH! Here’s the simple reason why: You can NEVER be certain your ONE, strong headline on that cover will […]

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This is going to be YOUR year

Here’s how to make 2020 YOUR year for copywriting success! Hiya CopyStar! On January 1, 1999 — I hung out my copywriting shingle. And now — 21 years later — I gotta say: That was the BEST decision I ever made in business! And you know what? I’m still loving every work day — and […]

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It’s almost over

Hiya CopyStar! Are you getting excited about AWAI’s FastTrack to Copywriting Success bootcamp and Job Fair in Delray Beach, Florida taking place May 12-15, 2019? I’m POSITIVE it’s going to be the BEST Bootcamp ever!!  Click here to secure your spot and get in on the absolute LOWEST price available — I don’t want you to miss out. […]

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Still staring at a blank page?

Hiya CopyStar! In the last issue I gave you 2 keys to help you BUMP your copywriting income. If you didn’t get these keys, click here.  And now… … I’ve got even more keys to boost your copywriting income! So let’s get started… Key #3: Stop staring at the blank screen! If ideas aren’t coming to you, […]

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This is ONLY for my CopyStar readers

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity for us to meet in person Hiya CopyStar! I’m so excited about next year’s AWAI’s FastTrack to Copywriting Success bootcamp and Job Fair in Delray Beach. It’s going to be held May 12-15, 2020. And I’m POSITIVE it’s going to be the BEST Bootcamp ever! Right now you can get in on the […]

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Ideas are like my 4 pregnancies…

How to get organized – even if you’re an UNorganized writer like me! Hiya CopyStar! My husband and I just got back from a month-long, WHIRLWIND trip to Southeast Asia! We visited South Korea and traveled throughout Thailand — getting on planes, boats, trains and buses… staying in numerous hotels — including a jungle chalet… wandering […]

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I’m Not So Sure About This…

How to Overcome Objection and Skepticism Hiya CopyStar! My daughter #1 drives me CRAZY! She’s stubborn… hard-headed… skeptical… and full of attitude! This is the kid who at the age of 6 months — while I was nursing her — bit my nipple so hard my toes curled! My husband said she didn’t know what she was doing. […]

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