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What makes copy perfect?

You don’t need perfect copy — to write kick-butt copy!

Hiya CopyStar!

Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” Well, that’s how I feel about writing. I believe copy is never perfect — only abandoned! 

Many writers get stuck — so they hold on to copy for weeks — even months. They’re trying to make it perfect. I believe that’s how you develop “Analysis Paralysis” — which can cause you to:

  • Overthink your copy
  • Experience self-doubt
  • Fail to meet your deadline
  • Stress out

You’re like this little hamster in a wheel — going round and round — but getting nowhere. Today — I’m going to show you how to STOP IT — and give you the confidence to get that copy finished!

Here are my 3 simple ways to help create that killer copy: 

1. Write to a real person — NOT to a group. Pick one person who fits your target audience and write to him or her. My mom is my “go to” target market. So most of the times, I start my letter with a “Dear Michelle” (later I’ll change it to “Dear Friend”). 

Seeing my mom’s name makes me feel like I’m sitting right next to her having a conversation. Now — you try it CopyStar. Write to a real person. Heck if you can — put a picture of the person right on your computer — and look at that photo frequently as you’re writing your copy! 

2. Write to sell — You want your reader to pick up the phone and place that order, right? So you’ve got to convince him you’ve got what he NEEDS. Make sure to tell him that in many ways! 

Give him solid evidence on why this product works. Make the product attractive — so desirable that he’ll be begging you for it! For example… when I wrote a package on hemp — I knew my market would be skeptical. My reader didn’t understand hemp. It confused him. He grew up thinking marijuana was hemp. So he thought hemp — just like marijuana — gets you high.

I had to show him hemp wasn’t pot… that it was completely legal… wasn’t expensive… and most of all…

…I showed him how he was missing out on one of nature’s most powerful pain relievers! He doesn’t have to suffer any more — thanks to this AMAZING product!

You’ve got to do the same thing too, CopyStar! Your copy must grab your reader by the eyeballs… lead him by the hand to the order form… and NAIL the sale! How do you do that? Well — you’ve got to…

3.Pile on the benefits!  Your reader isn’t interested in reading facts. You’ve got to tell him why he needs this product. Explain how he’s going to feel. Show him how his life will get better. Paint a picture for him — and help him see why your product is a godsend! 

For example, in my hemp package I hit my reader in the face with a boatload of benefits! Not only did I tell him hemp helps relieve pain — I listed many more benefits of hemp: Better sleep… ease anxiety… calm panic attacks… douse inflammation… soothe joint pain and aches… keep skin smooth — and a whole lot more!

Wow — don’t YOU want to try this amazing product now, Copystar?

Give your reader remarkable benefits and let him see his relief is just a phone call away! 

Stop doubting yourself. Don’t overthink it. Quit stressing out. Ok?

And remember this: You will NEVER read enough books on copywriting… attend enough seminars… be the BEST copywriter in the world — and…

…that’s OK. 

Copywriting is an ongoing process. Perfection should never be your goal. I say Above Average is pretty darn good! There’s got to be a point where you abandon your copy… turn it in… and get it tested. 

Man I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked back on copy I’ve written that became a control. I shake my head and say “OMG that copy sucked! I can’t believe it was a winner. I’m a much better writer now!”

But the copy DID work at that time. It DID its job — and yes, I AM a much better copywriter now. 

I’ve got plenty more simple ways to boost your writing confidence — and show you my winning secrets to writing strong, fast and successful copy. It’s in my ebook, How to Write Kick-Butt Copy Straight Talk From a Million Dollar Copywriter. Check it out — you won’t regret it!

Yours for stellar results,

Million-Dollar Copywriter & Consultant