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Here’s how to catch a roving eye

Tap into the power of sidebars!

Hiya Copystar!

True or false. If you write killer copy — your prospect will read it from cover to cover. 

True? NOPE! 
Please know this: No matter how awesome your copy is — your reader will very seldom read the entire copy. It’s more likely he’ll just skim through it — looking for something to catch his roving eye!

So how do you grab a skimmer’s attention?

With sidebars!

Think of sidebars as short, interesting copy that’s not part of the main sales letter. 

I have so much fun trying to find creative ways to grab my readers by the eyeballs with sidebars. I’ve got lots of great ideas to share with you in my ebook How to Write Kick-Butt Copy: Straight Talk from a Million-Dollar Copywriter. But right now — I want to give you 4 simple steps to help you make your sidebars really stand out:

Simple step #1: Give every sidebar a powerful headline — In my copy below, I knew my market had a problem with rashes. So I got straight to the point and said:

Simple step #2: Tell a story your prospect can quickly relate to –See how I’m talking about Ann’s rash she just couldn’t get rid of? Can you feel her frustration of trying prescription meds and creams that just don’t work for her? Doesn’t it make you want to scratch yourself? Get your prospect squirming and shaking her head “yes”. And then…

Simple step #3: Tell her something she doesn’t know — Ok, now she’s intrigued. So I build on this by adding:“If you suffer from unexplainable rashes on your arms, back, neck or legs — those are signs your immune system is overactive — and needs to be reset.”  Now she’s wondering, “How do I DO this? Yes! She bit the hook! So now, I move to my last step…

Simple step #4: Tell her what to do now — Just pick up the phone and call TOLL FREE 1-8xx-xxx-xxxx so you can try this amazing formula risk free! Ka-ching!

Didn’t I say it was SIMPLE??? And boy oh boy does it work! 

Like I said earlier, I’ve got plenty more ways to boost the power of your sidebars. So make sure to get a copy of my ebook, How to Write Kick-Butt Copy: Straight Talk from a Million-Dollar Copywriterand devour them! 

Before I go — make sure you remember this: 

Your prospect is very busy. She doesn’t have time to read everything. She only wants to know “What’s in it for me?” Sidebars are a great way of delivering lots of benefits in short, easy to read segments. Try them in your copy — and see the difference they make!

Yours for stellar results,

Million-Dollar Copywriter & Consultant