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Take Your Prospect on a Joy Ride – and Nail the Sale!

Take Your Prospect on a Joy Ride – and Nail the Sale!

Hiya CopyStar,

I love roller coasters!

Waiting in line — and hearing the screams of the folks ahead of me gets the goosebumps going…

…The anticipation of the car creeping up the tracks shoots adrenaline through my veins….

… And when I’m approaching a big drop — my heart starts to pound. Boom-boom… boom-boom. The closer I get — the fear intensifies. My heart beats faster — I think I’m ready for the drop — but I’m not sure — so I clutch whoever is sitting next to me in a death grip — and then…

Wooooaaaahhhh…..OMG…my innards are trying to escape — so I grip my belly…shut my eyes…and then scream with excitement! 

Man-oh-man — what a THRILL! As the ride comes to an end — my heart is still pounding — but I want more…More…MORE!

And you know what?

I use these same emotions as I write my copy and lead my prospect right to the order form — and you can too!

You set up the anticipation with a strong lead. You take your prospect through swerves and curves, ups and downs in your body copy. And then — BAM — you deliver a strong close that gets him so excited that he’s salivating all the way to the order form!

So how do you create a Nail the Sale, strong close your prospect simply can’t refuse? Here are 3 can’t miss ways:

#1: Give ‘em an amazing offer. — Offer your prospect something he can’t resist. You like presents, right? Well, so does your prospect! Make him feel special. Tell him this is an exclusive offer JUST FOR HIM. Let him know it’s a limited time opportunity — so he’ll be one of the FEW folks who can really get more BANG for his BUCK by acting now!

Give him FREE gifts — just for trying your product. And even MORE gifts if he acts within the next 7 days. And heck, he can get yet another gift if he picks up the phone and calls right now! What about FREE shipping? I love free shipping — and so does your prospect! Let him know if he orders 3 or more bottles — he pays Zero…Zip…Zilch for shipping! You get what I’m saying?

Make your offer as irresistible as possible — so your prospect has no choice but to say YES!

#2: Take away the worry…fear…or apprehension — with a strong guarantee!  I hate it when I stand in a long line — anticipating the thrill of a new roller coaster ride — only to find out the ride is a dud! I mean, it’s just OK — nothing to write home about. Dang it! I wasted my time on that ride! Now, you don’t want your prospect to feel that way. You’ve got to prove to him that he’s making the best decision with his time and money — and he will have no regrets! How?

Show him that it’s worth it. Remind him that thousands of other folks — just like him — LOVE the product! Take away his concerns about wasting his money — by GUARANTEEING him full satisfaction or he gets back 100% of his hard-earned money. In

fact — if he’s not happy — for any reason — he can send back the unused portion in the bottle — even if he’s down to his last pill — and get a full, no questions asked money back guarantee! Wow — that’s pretty powerful, don’t you think? You better believe it is!

 #3: Tell your prospect what to do! This is where many young writers DROP the ball! They write great copy — and then FAIL to tell the prospect what to do! Don’t ever assume that your prospect knows — tell him!

Tell him to “turn the page now — and get your remarkable FREE gifts!”

Tell him to “pick up the phone and dial TOLL FREE 1-800-xxx-xxxx RIGHT NOW!”

Tell him he has “absolutely nothing to lose by getting the BEST price offer!”

Tell him he has to “act now — so he doesn’t miss out on this great opportunity!”

Tell him how good he’s going to FEEL…LOOK…SMELL — or whatever promises you can make with your product!

Tell him how smart he is by making this decision today!

Tell him he’s joining thousands of other folks who also love this formula!

Tell him again…and again — that he has nothing to lose with the 100% money back guarantee! And then…

…walk him to the order form. Tell him what page # it’s on. Give him the TOLL-FREE phone number again and again — so he can call for FASTER service.

Tell him the nice customer service rep is ready to answer any of his questions.

Tell him he can call 24-hours a day. And make sure you…

Thank him for making a smart decision today. And then…

….remind him ONE more time — about a remarkable benefit of the product…or a cost savings…or the need to ACT NOW — in the P.S of your letter!

If you do these things — you’ll be taking your prospect for the ride of his life!

Yours for stellar results,