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How to Write an Offer Your Prospect Can’t Refuse

How to Write an Offer Your Prospect Can’t Refuse

Hiya CopyStar,

Don’t you love it when you find an AMAZING deal? I sure do! When my oldest daughter was getting married – I needed to find a dress for the wedding. 

One thing I knew for certain: I’m not wearing a traditional mother-of-the bride sequined jacket/gown combo! 

I wanted a dress that said…KABOOM!

My cousin had found just what I was looking for online at Nordstrom’s.  But the dress cost $508!

Yikes! I wanted KABOOM – not Ka-ching! 

I decided to go to the mall and try it on anyway. My local Nordstrom’s didn’t have it –but Macy’s did – and the same dress was $200! Now…

…the price was going down – but it still didn’t feel like a great deal yet! And then…

…while trying on the dress – I noticed a few dirt spots at the hemline. It was the only dress in my size. Surely I shouldn’t have to pay the regular price! Soooh – I talked to the sales lady – and got a 10% discount for the dirty dress. But that’s not all…


…Then I used my 20% special coupon Macy’s offered that weekend – and then I took a few seconds to open a Macy’s credit card – and got an immediate 30% off my purchase! Do you know what that means CopyStar?

The price of my $508 dress was slashed down to just $77! Woo hoo! That’s 85% off the original dress! 

Man-oh-man did I love getting that bargain!

And get this…

…when I got home I saw a commercial with the slimmed-down Valerie Bertinelli in a Jenny Craig ad — wearing MY gown (in a different color)! 

Now — I’m dressing like a movie star — and I bet Valerie’s dress cost WAY MORE than $77! 

I just love a GREAT bargain! And guess what? So does your prospect!

In fact – I talk a lot about how to give your prospect irresistible offers in my ebook How to Write Kick-Butt copy. So – let me share a few tips with you right now… 

4 ways to create an offer your prospect can’t refuse!

Let’s use my shopping experience as an example: 

#1: Lay on the savings and create a fantabulous opportunity! 

Come on, anybody in their right mind would agree getting a $508 dress for $77 is a GREAT deal! 

So how can you make your offer a fantastic opportunity for your prospect? Simple. Let him know the original price of the product. 

In health newsletter or nutritional supplement sales, this can beTWICE the “introductory” price. So – let your prospect know that some unfortunate soul paid that HUGE amount — but you won’t! 

Then show him – and even itemize – any discounts he gets during this special offer. And finally – give him a special invitation to get the LOWEST PRICE AVAILABLE during this “limited time opportunity!” 

Reveal this savings in stages and build up to the HUGE total discount. 

Remember, my dress started at $508… then $200… then 10% off… then 20% off… and finally 30% if I ACT RIGHT NOW! 

#2: bribe… Bribe… BRIBE! Ever see a newsletter promotion offer 7… 12… even 24 FREE gifts – just for trying a 1-year subscription to a $39 newsletter? 

Want to know why they do it? BECAUSE IT WORKS! 

If you add up the costs of all these gifts – it’s 5… 10… even 20 times more than the cost of the subscription! 

WOW that’s a pretty good bargain! Remember, in direct mail — bribing is not only ethical — it’s downright essential! 

#3: Get the prospect off his keister – with a powerful “ACT NOW” offer! Give your prospect the BEST price… load him up with a bunch of FREE gifts… and give him a DEADLINE to act! 

Do you think my dress would be waiting for me if I decided to think about the purchase and come back in a week? Heck no! And even if it was — I would’ve missed out on the specials that weekend! 

So you’ve got to trigger your prospect’s impulse to buy now! Here’s an easy way to do it:

you’ve got to trigger your prospect’s impulse to buy now! Here’s an easy way to do it:

Offer a fast response FREE gift when you order within the next 7 days.

Or create any other kind of urgency deadline – such as “For the first 100 customers who call in their order.” 

Bottom line: If your prospect doesn’t ACT NOW – you’ll probably lose the sale! 

#4: Stroke the ego! Let your prospect know he’s making the best decision he could make today! Tell him how smart he is! Create an “elite” group and put him in it! 

He’s one of the folks who’ve made this wise decision and he’s feeling better… getting richer… or is downright smarter than the average guy. 

So CopyStar – are you pumped and now ready to make your prospect an offer…or 2…or 7…or 24 – he can’t refuse?

You can do it when you tap into the basic desires of your prospect. Show him how he’s going to save money… boost his ego… and reward him with gifts and lots of praise! 

Remember my dress? Not only did I get a terrific deal — but I’m in a movie star category. Me and Valerie Bertinelli have great taste! 

Yours for stellar results,

Million-Dollar Copywriter & Consultant