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Is your sales copy boring?

Here’s how to sprinkle humor in your copy — and keep your prospect smiling all the way to the order form!

Hiya CopyStar,

My son has an infectious laugh that brings a smile to my heart. He knows how to make people feel comfortable. He knows how to schmooze older ones… little kids love him…and the girls think he’s “soooh cute!” He’s just a heck of a guy!

He’s also the clown who set off a firecracker in middle school and got suspended the day before he was to receive his Good Citizenship award! This kid woke up every morning looking for ways to have fun. Well guess what?

So does your prospect!

He wants to have fun and enjoy reading your copy. And you’ve gotta make it fun for him — and keep him engaged! So — it’s OK to make your prospect chuckle… laugh… and smile while he’s reading your copy — especially if you give him a solution he’s looking for! 

Now, I’ve got some killer controls that keep my prospect engaged every step of the way. Feel free to take a look at them — and learn some of my techniques. I think you’ll find them super helpful to boost credibility and add fun in your copy. But…

…right now — I’m going to give you 3 simple ways you can sprinkle some humor in your copy:

#1: Be vulnerable: Tell an embarrassing story that just about anyone can relate to. Let your prospect see you’re talking about real people just like him. It’ll go a long way to making the sale!

In one of my promotions for digestive supplements, I talk about passing gas in a crowded elevator — and everyone KNEW you did it! Can’t relate? Then you’re in denial!

#2: Use cartoons: I love cartoons! They’re fun and a great way to make a point — and create a powerful word picture! If it makes sense — sometimes I put a cartoon right on the cover:

So here’s what you need to do…

But — please know this:

As much as I love humor — you’ve gotta be careful. It can be a two-edged sword. So be careful of “off color”, “dark” or “cute” humor that can be taken the wrong way. Dang it! I feel like such a hypocrite saying this — because I break this rule all the time! For example…

In a promo about urinary incontinence — I used this picture of a lady leaking pee when she coughed…

Maybe it’s offensive — maybe it’s not! That’s the chance you take. But this one paid off in spades! It was a control for over 3 years.

#3: Quiz! Trivia questions…yes or no questions…or even puzzles — they’re all great. Your quiz is an involvement device to keep your prospect engaged. I personally HATE when a promo contains a quiz and doesn’t give me the answer right away. If I have to purchase the product to find the answer — then I get really mad!

I think my prospect is a lot like me. So — don’t leave your reader hanging. Give him the answer — and it’s OK to put that answer all the way at the end of the promo. That will get him closer to the order form!

OK Copystar — try putting these 3 tips to work in your next sales letter. It’s going to help energize your copy…make it fun…and get your prospect to pick up the phone and place that order! No kidding!

Remember — you can get LOTS more ideas and proven strategies to help you put more FUN in your copy. Take a look at my controls:

Yours for stellar results,

Million-Dollar Copywriter & Consultant