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And the Academy Award Goes to…

And the Academy Award Goes to…

Hiya CopyStar,

Ever since my daughter #2 was a child – she was a drama queen! This is the kid who would get a cut on her finger – and then wrap her entire arm in an ace bandage – and put it in a sling! 

But the kid’s got passion! She doesn’t just hug – she smothers you! She doesn’t just have a bad day – it’s the WORSE day in the whole, wide world!
I remember in high school – her classmates chipped in to buy her at-shirt that said “A lil drama never hurt anyone”. 

And it’s true – It’s the same for your prospect! He’s screaming for a lil drama too! He wants to see the words you write jump off the page and into his heart! 

He wants you to excite him – and intrigue him about your offer. You need to deliver the best thing in the whole, wide world! 

You gotta grab ‘em… woo ‘em… make him melt! Get him so thrilled that he can’t wait to pick up the phone and call that 1-800 number at all hours of the night – and beg the customer service rep to “take my credit card please – I need this!”

So how in the heck do you do it?

I’ve got TONS of really interesting ways to capture your prospect’s interest with intrigue in my ebook. Anatomy of a Kick-Butt Control: How to Create a Winning Promo from Start to Finish!

But right now – I’m going to show you 5 kick-butt keys to infuse drama and ignite passion in your copy:

Key #1 : Tell a story! We’re hard-wired for stories. The Bible teaches valuable lessons by means of stories. Famous fables are relatable stories. And many kids won’t go to bed without listening to their favorite story over and over again! 

So use that to your advantage! Here’s an example of how to write a story in your intro:

Dear Friend,

My friend Julie felt fine. She had no history of heart problems. Blood pressure and cholesterol numbers were good. She wasn’t that much overweight. And we just celebrated her 48th birthday. But it could’ve been the last time Julie blew out her candles. 

She said a “little voice” urged her to get a heart scan. She doesn’t know why. After all… her doctor said she was in good shape… no serious health problems. What Julie discovered knocked her for a loop – and may have saved her life.

Are you intrigued? Don’t you want to know what happened to Julie? Of course you do!

Now that you’ve created the scenario – keep it going and… 

Key #2: Take your prospect on a journey! Walk him through the situation. Don’t just talk about having pain – Talk about how 56-year-old Jason’s knees screams when he bends and his joints forecast the weather better than the local weatherman. His wife Shannon says his back goes out more than they do! 

Key #3: Build anticipation!  Get your prospect excited. Word pictures do an amazing job. Remember you’ve got to write like you talk. You’re not linear when you talk – you change up in mid-sentence all the time. You even get distracted – and bring in a new thought, right? It’s ok to infuse that conversational style in your copy! For example…

“I’ll tell you the name of this remarkable healing nutrient in a minute – but first let me ask you…”

See – I teased – and then changed up! You can do it too!

Key #4: Create a hero! Give your prospect a cool hero he can cheer on. In my health copy – this is usually the doctor. Convince your prospect that your hero is about to put an end to nagging back pain… sleepless nights… inability to move around… night sweats… or whatever! Your hero is here to the rescue! 

Key #5: Boo and hiss at the villain that’s robbing you of your health!  My favorite villain: Big Pharma! I show my prospect how these greedy fat cats don’t give a hill of beans about his health! These money grubbers are only looking after their bottom line! You just can’t trust those dirty scoundrels! 

Ok CopyStar – you’ve got 5 kick-butt keys to infuse passion and drama into your next sales piece! When you do – your prospect will see the words you write jump off the page… into his heart… and the royalties go right into your wallet!

Now that’s what I call a Win-WIN!

Yours for stellar results,

Million-Dollar Copywriter & Consultant