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For nearly 2 hours – I talk and walk you through my entire process of writing killer FASTER than ever!

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  • How I DOUBLED my copywriting income and raked in an additional 20% in royalties with 10 packages LAST year alone! And I didn’t’ have to work any harder – just worked smarter!
  • Why your clients are not looking for creativity when they hire you. In fact, they don’t give a squat about it! Here’s what they REALLY want – and when you give it to them – your dance card gets booked for months in advance!
  • How to fill up 6… 8… even 10 pages of quality copy – without even writing ONE single word! I do it all the time – and it’s the best way I know to clobber writer’s bloc!
  • How to safeguard your peak writing time. Do this one tip – and you can keep the interruptions down to a minimum – even if you have kids at home!
  • The secret of “LESS is more” – find out how this works with clients! You’ll be amazed!
  • And much more!

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