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You Ask – I Answer

You ask — and I answer your burning questions!

Hiya CopyStar!

A big THANK YOU for sending me your questions and feedback about my upcoming legacy book! I got such great questions — I didn’t want to wait for the book to come out — I want to give you those answers right now!So here are the answers to your top 5 burning questions…

Question #1: What’s your daily writing routine?

I’m a SUPER early bird. I’m up and working by 5am. I start off my morning by reading an encouraging scriptural thought from my “Daily Text”. That gets me centered and reminds me to keep my day in perspective. Then…

…I start writing. Sometimes it’s while I’m still in bed. Other times — It’s when I go to my office. I use the hour or so before sunrise to review yesterday’s copy and possibly do research to try to strengthen existing copy. Then when the sun comes up…

…I work out. I’m now running 6 miles every other day. I do a weight training video and then enjoy time in the sauna on the opposite days.While working my body — I’m also getting my mind ready to write. I think about ideas for the day and challenges I want to tackle. The endorphins from exercising make my brain feel sharp… give me more energy… and I’m excited to get to the computer!

I guard my morning writing time — because it’s my “money time”. The few hours I’m actually writing makes the cash register go KaCHING! So I make sure not to schedule morning appointments/meetings. I try to leave a project in “mid-thought” — meaning I leave my writing with a cliffhanger. I’ll leave a note to myself that says…

… “OK — tomorrow finish out this idea”. Or “Tomorrow — write a sidebar about X”. That way — I already know what I have to do — so I don’t waste time trying to find a place to start!

By about 1pm — my creativity starts taking a nose dive. So I make sure to use my afternoon for meetings and other stuff that don’t require my “A-game”! By 3pm I’m done for the day!

Question #2: How do you find clients?

If you have copywriting skills — and need clients — my #1 reco is to attend AWAI’s copywriting seminars! This is the PRIMO place to meet clients who are actually looking to hire young writers! I’ve seen so many careers blossom after attending the annual Job Fair at the Florida AWAI Bootcamp.

You’ve got experienced writers who are willing to spend time to talk to you — and even introduce you to some of their clients! You get spec assignments you can take on — and if the client likes your writing — you get paid! It’s an awesome event I look forward to every year.

AWAI also puts on different types of seminars throughout the year to target specific niches. So — check them out! They’re amazing opportunities to network… Network… NETWORK!

My #2 reco is to Go after the small fish! Take a look at your local mail. Who’s sending out postcards, flyers, and letter promotions? Target the local businesses — that includes the lighting companies… landscapers… chiropractors — just about anyone using direct mail is fair game!

Offer to write copy that will beat the pants off their control. Tell them they only pay you if your promo wins! That way, you overcome the initial fee objection/obstacle and you get your foot in the door.

When your promo works — then you’ve got a client — and a sample to use to get your NEXT client!

Question #3: With so many copywriters in the health market — how do you become an in-demand copywriter and stand out?

The same way doctors, lawyers, engineers and teachers become successful! You study and work your craft! Don’t worry about “so many copywriters” — focus on writing strong, results-driven copy and you will rise to the top based on your successes! My goal was never to be an “in-demand” copywriter. I just wanted to write copy that was good enough to pay the bills and give me freedom to create my own work schedule. That’s a doable goal for most folks — and it can happen even if you’re not an “in demand” copywriter! So…

… Focus on honing your skills. Study the masters. Treat their controls like textbooks. Heck — write out by hand every word in their controls! Learn and analyze their methods. And allow their techniques to help you create your own unique style!

For even more advice on this — check out the 3 gems that really helped me take my copywriting career to the next level!

Question #4: How do you come up with a big idea for your blockbuster promotion?

The big idea can come from anywhere! But here are 4 solid ways I often uncover my big idea…

1.    Talk to your client!  Put your client on the spot and ask why his/her product is so great. What makes it unique? Why do I want to waste the reader’s time telling him about this product? Then — LISTEN to what your client is saying! Many times — he’s giving you the big idea on a silver platter!

2.     Research!  Dig deep and find out what the product really offers. Is it a joint supplement — or the ability to move and bend without pain again? My mentor, the late Clayton Makepeace used to tell me to find out what’s keeping my prospect up at night.That way I’m tapping into a dominant emotion that will make my prospect act NOW! Treat your research like an onion — and just keep peeling off layer after layer — until you find really unique stuff about the product! 

3.     Testimonials are a gold mine! Read what folks who already use the product are saying about it. You can find great stories hiding in testimonials. Many times — a testimonial becomes my headline…lead… and even the theme of my big idea!

4.     Previous promotions!  If you’re trying to beat an existing promo — make sure your client sends you the current control. That way you’ll see what’s working. But don’t stop there — have the client send you all the creative approaches that didn’t work too!Now — you’ll be able to see what losing ideas to stay clear from! You may even find a hidden gem in these promos that weren’t capitalized on — and now you can POUNCE on it and make it your big idea! 

Question #5: When do you know your copy is finished and needs no further editing?

One of my favorite reminders is: “Copy is never finished — it’s only abandoned!” So if you’re trying to make your copy perfect — STOP!

Don’t overthink your copy. Don’t fill your mind with self-doubt. And for goodness sake — don’t stress yourself out! If you’ve written solid copy — turn it in and get it tested! The market will ultimately decide if it’s a success — not you!

If you need a little more handholding — I’ve got 3 simple ways to help you create killer copy. Just click here .

Ok — I know I said I’d give you the answers to the most popular 5 questions — but there’s a 6 th one that made the list: How can I write fast copy that converts readers into buyers? That one will take longer than a few paragraphs to answer — but don’t worry…

… I’ve got the answer — and much more — in my audio recording How to Write FASTER Copy… Cut Down Your Writing Time By More Than 50%… and DOUBLE Your Income! I walk you through the entire process of writing faster killer copy — from soup to nuts!

Well — this was FUN! Maybe we’ll do it again soon! But rest assured — I’ll definitely cover these burning questions in full detail in my upcoming legacy book. It’s almost ready for release! 

In the meantime — stay safe and healthy!

Yours for stellar results,

Million-Dollar Copywriter & Consultant