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To Niche or Not – That is the $$$ Question…

How to Get Clients to View You as a MUST-HAVE Expert!

Hiya CopyStar!

One of the most popular questions I’m asked is whether a copywriter should niche himself?

And here’s my answer:

If you’ve got heart problems who do you go to? 

A.    A general practitioner 

B.    Cardiologist

Who makes more money?

A.    A handyman

B.    A licensed contractor

Come on — you know the answer. So while you can definitely make money as a jack-of-all-trades… 

…You can make a BOATLOAD of moolah when you specialize!

The same goes for you CopyStar! “Niche” yourself now — and reap the rewards sooner!

Here’s why…

…A “niche” is a targeted and distinct segment of a market. It’s what makes you stand out from the world of generalists. It’s your primary focus in that small market space.

For example…

…I’m an alternative health direct-response copywriter. I don’t write for mainstream health. I don’t write for pharmaceutical companies. I focus on the alternative health market that wants to promote their products in the mail and on the internet. And in that tiny niche — I’m a big fish in that tiny pond!

My exclusive title description is actually meant to repel companies in finances… real estate… or any other non-alternative health market from knocking at my door. 

But truth is…

…I didn’t start out in this niche. I was definitely an “I’ll take whatever job comes my way” writer. I needed experience — and wanted to improve my skills as a copywriter. So I wrote copy for whoever would hire me. But… 

…Once I niched myself — my copywriting income went from mediocre to KAPOW! 

I got MORE jobs than when I was a general “take whatever comes my way” copywriter! In fact …

… I actually DOUBLED my income in one year — and doubled it AGAIN the following year! Woo-hoo! Specificity sells!

Yep — Niching helped boost my business in three ways:

#1: I write faster! No more trying to learn a new market place with every new project. I stayed in the alternative health space and really familiarized myself with it. 

The result? 

Shorter learning curve and faster turnaround time for my project. 

Bottom line: I went from writing 6 sales promos a year… to 12… to 16 or more! Yep — I doubled… tripled and even quadrupled my royalty income!

#2: I became an “expert” in my industry. Who woulda thunk that turning down jobs would actually give me MORE business! Certainly not me — but it’s true.

Once I started letting prospects know I specialized in the alternative health field and actually turned down non-health projects — and recommended OTHER copywriters for those jobs — I was getting more requests to write health promos.

Prospects saw me as a focused specialist in one area. And if alternative health was their field — they wanted an alternative health specialist!

And I even got an unexpected bonus…

…The writers I referred for the jobs I turned down — reciprocated and gave my name to clients looking for an alternative health writer! 

Bottom line: I was now only working in the industry I loved — and gaining more experience with every project!

Plus… I’m invited to speak at seminars and webinars and dubbed “an alternative health specialist writer.” Woo hoo!

#3: I charge more money! Hey if I’m considered an EXPERT — It would be an insult to my clients NOT to charge ‘em top dollar! Think about it…

…If you can buy a Mercedes for the price of a Mitsubishi… hmmmm… are you getting a REAL Mercedes?

Bottom line: Working FASTER + Being more EFFICIENT = More INCOME!

Now it’s your turn CopyStar! 

Even if you don’t have a ton of clients — you can niche yourself starting right now just by saying…

“I’m an alternative health copywriter” and then…

…Own it!

Go out there and let those health companies know about you! Now I’ve got MORE helpful insights on niching yourself in my ebook The Do-it-Yourself Guide to Writing Kick-Butt Sales Copy. I’ll help you kick your copywriting into high gear — and fatten your wallet! So make sure you grab a copy and follow the strategies and tips in this ebook! You’ll see your results soar!

Yours for stellar results,

Million-Dollar Copywriter & Consultant