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The power of the testimonial


The power of the testimonial — Why brag — when others can sing your praises!


Hiya CopyStar,
Take this quick quiz:

Which is more powerful?

A: “I’m wonderful” or
B: “You’re wonderful”
(If you answered “A”, your arrogance is showing)

Having other people rave about you or your product is much more powerful than tooting your own horn or patting yourself on your back. And that’s why testimonials are so powerful!

Why brag about yourself when you can get others to sing your praises?
Use testimonials — and plenty of ’em — to convince your prospect that thousands of other folks — just like him — LOVE your product! For example…

“Nothing else worked for my night sweats!”

“My menopause day and night sweats and flushes are gone since I started taking DIM twice a day. I cannot be without DIM. Nothing else worked so well for my menopause symptoms.”

– Joan G., Washington, D.C.

I’ve got healthy blood pressure at 75 years old!

“I’ve been satisfied with THE CIRCULATION SOLUTION™. My blood pressure is lower now than 6 months ago. Not bad for a 75- year old.”

– Judy T., Hyattsville, MD

“I’ve tried them all – and you’re the best!”

“Over the years, I have subscribed to many of the reputable health newsletters — especially the ones geared to seniors and heart health. I have found that the more important items and information I can use appears in Bottom Line/HEALTH. Now you’re the one and only health letter I read!”

– Melvin T., Reston, VA

“No longer need the neck brace”

“Out of desperation I started taking TrueAloe™ capsules. After trying many products, my arthritis showed little improvement. I was wearing a neck brace most of the time and my hands and legs were always aching. After a few weeks of TrueAloe™, I no longer needed the neck brace and feel about 75% better overall. TrueAloe™ is certainly worth trying. Hope you have as much relief as I have.”

– Jason B., Loganville, GA

What if you’re writing for a brand new product and you don’t have any testimonials?

First of all, DON’T make them up — that’s just wrong.

But DO find ways to be creative. For example, have your client’s staff provide testimonials. Or get your friends to try out the product — and create a bunch of testimonials from their experiences!

A while back, I launched a brand new Liver & Kidney Cleanse product. I had my family and friends perform the 16-hour cleanse recommended by the doctor. Then I made them take pictures of the gross stuff that came out of their bodies!

Ok, so I lost a few friends in the process, but hey, I got a kick-butt control! In fact, one of the testimonials ended up on the cover of that successful promo:

“I didn’t believe until I saw it with my own eyes!”

“Oh my goodness! I couldn’t believe all these stones were clogging up my liver and gallbladder. No wonder I was always feeling tired! Here are just a few of the HUNDREDS of stones that painlessly flushed out of my body when I did the fast acting flush with your amazing product. I feel so much better now. Thank you!”

– Sandy F., Laurel, MD

Get a celebrity to “endorse” your product — here’s how…

If a famous person makes a comment about an ingredient in your product — put it in quotes and use it. For example…

… if your product contains Vitamin C and Nobel Prize winning doctor, Linus Pauling said Vitamin C is critical for fighting joint pain — then put his quote in your promo and place it near the product.

Add in a line of copy that shows your product contains Vitamin C — yes, the same Vitamin C that Dr. Pauling raved about! That way, you create an implied testimonial — without lying.

Or if an Oprah show mentions the superstar antioxidant called Acai — and your product contains this amazing berry — then go ahead and let your prospect know this is the same Acai “as seen on Oprah!”

When I write testimonials, here’s what I try my darndest to include:

1. Headline. Make it a benefit oriented headline so scanners can get the “big idea” of the copy without having to read it entirely.

2. Photo — ideally a real picture of the person. If not, a “real looking” stock photo can work.

3. Name and address. Depending on the client’s preference, I’ll use the first name and last initial along with city and state. That tells your prospect this is a REAL person.

4. The actual copy. I’ll edit only for clarity. I’ll also correct misspellings. But, I avoid making changes to the testimonial. I like to keep it as real as possible.

Here are 3 ways to vary your testimonials and keep ’em exciting:

#1: Treat each testimonial as a mini article. That means give each one of them a separate headline. Have it designed so it stands out like a separate sidebar. For example…

newsletter 3 29“Arrhythmia dramatically
“Since I’ve began
using Super CoQ10,
my wildly erratic
cardiac arrhythmia
has been dramatically
reduced. I do endorse
this product.”
– Fred B., San Francisco, CA

#2 Gang ’em together and create a spread. This gives the feeling that LOTS of people believe in the product. Have one big headline for the spread. And then, have mini headlines for each testimonial. For example…


#3 Pull out key comments and put them in quotes.This works great if you’re running short on space or you want to build momentum in your copy. For example, after I’ve listed several longer testimonials, I usually wrap up the section by saying something like…

Plus, thousands of folks concerned about their heart and overall health have experienced nearly miraculous results with in-home oral chelation:

 “Put my uneven heartbeat back to work like it is supposed to work.” – C.M., Bryan, TX

 “No more chest pain-and my wife’s sinuses cleared up too!” – L. K., Parkers Pr, MN

 “Bad pain in my left leg went away!” – G. A., Apopka, FL

 “Feeling more energetic and my digestive tract seems to be working better also!” – R.D., New    Libson, WI

 “I’m 78 and have noticed less angina and more flexibility.” – C. G., Yucca Valley, CA

 “I can tell my eyes have gotten better and I can read lots of things without wearing glasses.”
– H.  R., Jonesboro, AR

See? Now you’ve got some quick tips and easy ways to pump up your copy with killer testimonials! So make it a goal to always use testimonials in your promos!

Yours for stellar results,


Carline Anglade-Cole
Million-Dollar Copywriter & Consultant