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Taboo Words To Avoid

How NOT to get yourself in trouble in the health market

Hiya CopyStar!

If you’re writing for the nutritional health supplement market — I’ve got something that’s going to help you out A LOT!

Writing for this industry can be tricky. Why? Because you need to talk about illnesses affecting your market — but making disease claims is TABOO — according to the FDA and FTC. So whaddayado?

Well — you can do what I do — and use the euphemisms that will keep you out of hot water! So right now — I’m going to give you 20 popular “taboo” aka “non-compliant” words you’re going to come across in your health copy. And then…

… I’m going to give you safe — and still powerful — alternative words and phrases to use instead! Ok?

So let’s get started…

20 ways to replace “taboo” words in your health copy

Instead of ➜  Say…

  1. Alopecia ➜  Hair loss
  2. Alzheimer’s ➜  Age-related memory decline
  3. Anxiety  ➜ Feeling frazzled
  4. Arthritis  ➜ Joint aches
  5. Asthma  ➜  Difficulty breathing
  6. Cancer   ➜  Abnormal cells
  7. Cure  ➜  Remedy
  8. Depression ➜  Blue moods
  9. Diabetes ➜  Blood sugar imbalance
  10. Diarrhea ➜  Loose bowels
  11. Disease ➜  Health problems
  12. Eczema  ➜  Itchy skin
  13. Eliminate ➜  Ease
  14. Fibromyalgia ➜  Unexplainable muscle pain
  15. High Blood pressure  ➜  Blood pressure imbalance
  16. Immunity ➜  Immune booster
  17. Insomnia ➜  Sleepless nights
  18. Osteoporosis  ➜  Thinning bones
  19. Migraines  ➜  Headaches
  20. Stroke  ➜  Brain attack

Now as a rule of thumb — if you’re mentioning a specific disease name — it’s probably taboo when writing for the nutritional health supplement market. So remember this…

… You don’t need to name the disease — just describe it in simple, understandable words — and your prospect will know what you’re talking about. 

For example…

Instead of ➜  Say…

  • Cures insomnia  ➜ Helps you finally get a good night’s sleep
  • No more depression ➜  Boosts mood
  • Heals arthritis  ➜   Soothes joint stiffness
  • Lowers blood pressure ➜  Promotes healthy blood pressure
  • Cures colds and flu ➜  Boosts your immune power to clobber nasty bugs!

So there you have it CopyStar! Writing copy that’s compliant doesn’t mean writing boring copy! 

And I’ve got LOTS more “out of the box” ideas to help you replace “taboo” words and write killer copy in my ebook — The Do-it-Yourself Guide to Writing Kick-Butt Sales Copy. Make sure you check it out and watch your copywriting skills soar!

Yours for stellar results,

Million-Dollar Copywriter & Consultant