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P.S. Here’s how to maximize this valuable real estate in your sales


P.S. Here’s how to maximize this valuable real estate in your sales promo!

Hiya CopyStar,

One of the BEST ways to write stronger, profitable copy is to capitalize on a seriously UNDER-used piece of real estate in your sales promo: The P.S!

It may be last – but it’s probably the 2nd most powerful component in your promo!

After you write a grab ’em by the eyeballs headline…a powerful and compelling lead… load your promo with credibility up the wazoo…and give the prospect an offer he can’t refuse…

… you still have one more chance to nail the sale.

But if you’re like most writers – you BLOW IT by not taking advantage of this powerful – yet often overlooked component of your promotion package: The ever faithful P.S!

Marketing companies spend a fortune testing the effectiveness of using a P.S. What do these tests reveal?

The P.S. is the 2nd most read component of the sales letter – second ONLY to the headline! WOW! That’s pretty darn powerful!

And it gives you an upper hand when you go against a control that doesn’t have a P.S. Here’s why…

A P.S. can give you a significant boost in response. Here’s what famed copywriter Herschell Gordon Lewis revealed in his book, “Sales Letter that Sizzle”:

“Some years ago, I was privy to a test originated by one of the most alert and sophisticated fund-raisers, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital of Memphis, Tennessee.

We tested the identical letter with and without a postscript. The one with the P.S. pulled an astonishing 19 percent better. (At the time, the late Danny Thomas was the spokesperson for St. Jude.) This was the wording of the P.S.:

I hope that your own family never suffers the tragedy of losing a child to an incurable disease. At St. Jude, we’re fighting to conquer these killers, and one day someone in your own family may live because we succeeded.

So powerful was this P.S. that years later different letters, with a different signature, retained this same wording.”

I read Herschell’s book when I was a copywriter cub – and I never forgot his strong encouragement to use a P.S.

Although few of my clients test the strength of a letter with or without a P.S. today, I still make it a point to include one (or two) in my sales letters.


Because it gives me one final chance to make the sale!

I use my P.S. to:

  • Reinforce urgency! If this is a limited time offer (and aren’t they all?) – remind the prospect that he has to act now so he doesn’t miss out!
  • Offer an additional gift! I’ll usually tie this in to a fast response offer. You get this 7th FREE gift when I hear from you within the next 10 days. I’ll also use this space to mention the benefits of the free gifts!
  • Upsell! This is where I’ll remind the prospect of the value and savings he’ll get with the 12-month BEST offer. I’ll also remind him he’s got nothing to lose, so get more bang for your buck!
  • Restate the Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Remind the prospect this is the only product that will do x, y AND z – and he can only get it right here and now!
  • Include a powerful testimonial! If there’s a touching story about the product, I’ll add it in the P.S to remind the prospect how others have benefited from this product!
  • Remind prospect of FASTEST option!  Why wait – for faster service, call TOLL FREE  1-800-xxx-xxxx so you don’t miss out on your special gifts!

What about a “P.P.S” you ask?”

Personally, I think a P.S. is sufficient, but I have been known to add a P.P.S if I need to add an additional benefit. But be careful that you P.S or P.P.S doesn’t run several pages long. It kinda defeats the purpose of the P.S!

So as a rule of thumb (that can be broken if needed), one strong P.S. with a targeted benefit should do the job!

Here are a couple of examples for you…

For Oprah’s Big Book of Happiness from Oxmoor House™:

P.S.  If you like what you read in this special digest sampler (and I know you will) – make sure to send for your FREE-PREVIEW copy of O’s Big Book of Happiness. Details are on page xx!

For a memory-enhancing supplement called “PS™” from Health Resources™:

P.S. Now here’s a special opportunity for really smart cookies! Take advantage of the 6-bottle offer and get PS™ for the LOWEST PRICE AVAILABLE per bottle! Plus, you’ll receive all 4 healing reports and shipping and handling absolutely FREE. That’s an additional savings of $86.75! Now, that’s using your noodle! Remember, you’re fully protected by my 100% money back guarantee – so stock up now and save big! Call 1-800-471-4007 today!

You can use a P.S. to make the prospect feel like he’s really special. Take a look at this example of a Simple Living newsletter promo for Healthy Directions™…

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For The Circulation Solution™ from Health Resources™, here’s how I used a P.P.S:

P.S. Since Health Resources™ gives you an unlimited 100% money back guarantee – why not stock up and save BIG! Try the 3 or 6 month introductory pack and get THE CIRCULATION SOLUTION™ for as low as 33 cents per serving. Plus you get a boatload of FREE gifts too!

P.P.S. Speaking of free gifts, when you send for your introductory pack within the next 10 days, you’ll receive a 10th free gift! It’s a brand new special report called Lifesavers from Nature’s Pharmacy!

In this hot-off-the-press guide, you’ll discover…

  • Nature’s powerful vision saver! Keeps lenses from clouding – and helps you maintain eagle eye focus!
  • The 23 cent nutrient that lets you say No to bypass surgery! Yet this all natural supplement is FDA approved and safe enough to use in baby food!
  • How to clobber abnormal cells FAST! Works wonders for breast, cervical and prostate health!
  • Why your arthritis medicines don’t work! Surprising discovery – and new breakthrough remedy revealed!
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But you must hurry, supplies are limited. Call TOLL-FREE 1-800-xxx-xxxx today!

See what I’m talking about? Make it a habit to include at least one powerful P.S. in your sales copy and you’ll boost your chance of beating the pants off the control!

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Yours for stellar results,

Carline Anglade-Cole
Million-Dollar Copywriter & Consultant