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Please do NOT share this news…

A Special Opportunity to Join a Very Exclusive Event. Won’t cost you a dime right now — but you must REPLY FAST!

Hiya CopyStar,

What you’re about to read is a work in progress.

Negotiations are happening right now. Between me and the folks at AWAI.

There’s a 40% chance it won’t even happen. But if it does…

… it’s going to be AMAZING.

And I want you — and only my CopyStar readers — to get in on the ground floor of this special opportunity.

Do I have your pinky promise that you’re going to keep this under your hat?

Ok good. Because what I’m about to reveal to you will help you conquer the 2 biggest obstacles in copywriting. How do I know these are the 2 biggest ones?

Because YOU told me!

Yep, I’m just repeating what YOU keep telling me. What you consider your 2 biggest worries about launching your copywriting business — and making it profitable! So let’s tackle ‘em right now…

What’s stopping you?

What’s making you stutter…putter… and postpone your dreams?

It’s fear, right?

F-E-A-R — that’s the nasty 4-letter word that’s blocking you.

Ok, so let’s talk about it. Let’s get it out in the open. Let’s shed the light on the boogeyman so he can’t SKUR you anymore!

So please know this:

If your #1 reason for not launching your copywriting business is fear — then BRAVO.

Good for you! You SHOULD be afraid. Why?

Because fear creates ADRENALINE — and that can get you off your butt! So fear — in this case — is a GOOD thing. Don’t be afraid of it — embrace it! How?

Well, this brings me to the secret news I mentioned earlier

It’s a way to tackle your fear — and succeed!

It’s an opportunity for some hand-holding. Some mentoring. And even a little kick in the pants to get moving!

It’s your chance to have an experienced copywriter — who knows how you feel.

Who overcame the same obstacles you’re experiencing — or going to experience.

Who can show you where the land mines are — before you step on one and blow yourself up!

A “Been there, Done that” kinda Gal who BEAT the odds (cue my favorite Steve Martin line: “I waz bohn a pour blakk chile” ).

What I’m about to reveal is a rare opportunity (it only happened ONCE before and that was almost 10 years ago)…

… an opportunity to spend 3 days with yours truly. To let me open your head to dump over 20 years of copywriting experience into your brain.

To teach you firsthand my copywriting secrets in a small, intimate setting — where I get to know YOU personally too.

Hey — by the way…

… If you haven’t figured it out by now — copywriting is a very personal business.

The more folks you know — the more your wallet can grow!

You see…

I’ve teamed up with AWAI to create a unique seminar that will FIRST and FOREMOST get you over your FEAR — and get you on the road to SUCCESS.

Not only get you the KNOWLEDGE — but I’m going to personally share and teach you my quirky nuances — the crazy stuff I do to create groundbreaking controls…

… the “je ne sais quoi” — the stuff I can’t put into words — but can only SHOW you face-to-face …

… the tapping into your gut and the tingling in the toes — so you can FEEL when you’re writing a KICKBUTT control!

Hey — if you’re not “getting” what I’m saying right now — then this seminar is NOT for you. But if you’re in tune. If you’re excited…

…Then MAN OH MAN — are you going to LOVE and BENEFIT from my WACKY ways!

And I’ve got LOTS MORE stuff to tell you about — but that will all come later. I just want the folks who GET me — to let me know they’re interested. So…

Wanna know the details on how to get in on this very special opportunity?

Well, SORRY.

Don’t have too much to tell you right now.

Nothing is set in stone yet. I’m not even sure what I’m going to call this event yet. “Seminar” just seems so inadequate — but for lack of a better word, we’ll stick with it for now.

It’s looking like some time in late April of 2018.

Maybe Florida. Or near my home in Atlanta. Only thing I’m sure of is it will NOT be a place where I will be freezing my buns off!


Won’t be cheap.

Will shoot for reasonable.

But it’s guaranteed to be PRICELESS.

If you don’t get TEN times your money — then you’ll be among the group that gets TWENTY…THIRTY… or a HUNDRED times the value.

I personally guarantee it. Why?

‘Cuz I don’t like to look bad. I’m determined to make you SUCCEED. After all — my name is all over this event. Failure — on either one of our parts — is simply NOT an option!

The other day — I started wondering… hmmm… wouldn’t it be AWESOME to keep this event exclusive to my CopyStar readers?

That’s when I got the idea to write you about it. Tell you in advance of the big announcement coming up in a few months. To give you the heads up so you can get in on the ground floor.

I’d love to have ONLY CopyStar readers at my 2nd ever seminar. Back in 2008, I did a “Copywriting On Steroids” bootcamp that launched the career of many fledgling writers.

They still keep in touch to tell me how well they’re doing. I’m so proud of those folks. One day — they’re going to be my biggest competition. And I love that! But I digress…

… the reason I want to have only my CopyStar readers is simple:

You get me!

You’ve been reading my ezine for the past several years and you know how I roll.

You see the crazy stuff I write — and you know they bring lots of moolah to my clients and yours truly!

So if I only had CopyStar readers — heck — we could take this seminar to the MOON and back! We could hit the ground running — and never stop! We can ROCK IT together!

If that sounds interesting to you — here’s what I want you to do right now.

Shoot me an email and tell me you’re interested. That’s it.

Tell me — no DEMAND — that I hold a spot for you.
There’s no other commitment. No money to pay.
If you’re a “Liar, liar, pants on fire” — then you simply MISS OUT!

But I do ask that you be honest with me. Don’t say you want to come if you have no intentions of coming.

Don’t make me save a space for you — and cause another CopyStar reader to miss out — because the seminar will be LIMITED in size.

So if you think next April sounds doable. If you’re willing to travel to a warm city to spend a few days with me. If you GET IT — and realize that shelling out the cash — is going to give you an AMAZING return on your investment…

Then send me an email at and say “Yes, Carline, I’m IN!

And if you like, tell me ONE thing you absolutely want me to help you with in this seminar.

Write better headlines? Find a client? Boost your ego? Review your copy?

Whatever it is — let me know. So I can make sure it happens.

And that’s it.

I’ll create a special list and put your name on it. Then — you’ll be the FIRST to know about all the details.

And when the list fills up — that’s it. Seminar is CLOSED!

You’ll get in at the absolute LOWEST price available.

You’ll have enough time to get all your ducks in a row — and clear your schedule — so you can focus and learn more than you ever thought possible.

And don’t worry — I don’t do hard. And I don’t do boring.

So you’re going to understand my winning strategies — and put them to work for you! You’re going to stay awake — cause I’m going to get you involved — and SHOW YOU how to write that copy!

And we’re going to have FUN too! You know I love to eat — so there will be GOOD food to enjoy! Now, you may have to take ME out — but we’re going to EAT!

So — like I said — the only commitment I want from you right now — is an email saying you’re definitely interested. Here’s why…

If I can show the folks at AWAI we’ve ALREADY got seminar attendees — we can SHUT OUT everyone else — and make it a CopyStar exclusive event!

That would be pretty awesome, don’t you think?

So let me know right now — at

OH… That’s right…I mentioned there were TWO big obstacles preventing you from succeeding…

The first one was FEAR. Wanna know the second one now?

It’s failure to ACT.

Action is POWERFUL.

Try it right now: ACT now — get yourself on that exclusive list.

In just five days from now, I’m going to meet with the AWAI team. I will tally up the email responses. I want to be able to tell them, “We’re booked! No need to do any more marketing. No need to open up the seminar to their VAST list of copywriting students. We’re done”.

And if you didn’t send me an email — You miss out. You lose your one and only opportunity to get the BEST.

The BEST one-on-one training you will EVER get.

The BEST and LOWEST price available.

And right now the price for commitment is a big fat ZERO! Doesn’t get any better than that!

The BEST seat in the house!

It’s time to be like Nike — and Just Do it!

Act NOW. Send me that email:

Looking forward to receiving it soon.

Yours for stellar results,


Cole Marketing Solutions