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Hiya CopyStar,

When I was starting off in my copywriting career – the biggest improvement I saw in my writing skills – happened when I spent one-on-one time with my mentor, Clayton Makepeace.

Just being in his presence made me a better writer! I watched him. Listened to every word. And did what he said. And AMAZING things happened!

My copy got stronger. I had more confidence in my skills. And he gave me priceless gems that I could take back home and polish – until they made my copy SHINE!

I didn’t get those opportunities to work face-to-face with Clayton often – but man, oh man, when they came around – I JUMPED on them!

That’s what happens when you’re in the presence of a skilled craftsman – it just rubs off on you!

Fast forward 17 years – and I can honestly say – those one-on-one opportunities made me the copywriter I am today.

And it can happen to you too, CopyStar!

Thanks to the folks at AWAI – once a year –  a handful of A-List copywriters – yes LEGENDS in the industry – like Clayton Makepeace… Dan Kennedy…and Nick Usborne – just to name a few. These guys – and many others including yours truly – come together to share knowledge. Teach amazing skills. And inspire the next generation of writers to greatness.

Oh… and to give back – because they all know that copywriting has been “berry, berry goohd to dem!

While the AWAI Bootcamp is designed for new writers – trust me, old folks like me – learn PLENTY from the intensive 3 ½ days in Delray Beach, Florida!

That’s why I try my very hardest NEVER to miss Bootcamp!

So, the 2016 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair will be here in mid-October. Have you signed up for it yet? If not, why the heck not???

If you haven’t received your personal invite – click here to learn about…  CLICK-HERE

I’ve got a special gift for CopyStars who attend Bootcamp!
Value: $3,500

I firmly believe attending this year’s Bootcamp can give your copywriting skills the needed boost you need to create winning controls! After all, the BEST of the BEST copywriters, marketers and publishing houses will be there to teach you…talk with you…eat with you… and give you JOBS!

That alone is worth its weight in gold. But it’s not enough for my CopyStar readers!

Nooh…I want to make sure YOU get an EXTRA EDGE at this year’s Bootcamp! So…

… after you sign up – shoot me an email – and we’ll schedule a little one-on-one time. Yep – you and me. For an hour. At Bootcamp.

  • We can talk about whatever you want.
  • You can bring me an assignment and I’ll help you work on it.
  • I can tell you how I overcame an obstacle you may be facing.
  • I get to know you face-to-face – and who knows – I may even hire you on an upcoming project!
  • I can introduce you to some Copywriting Genuises you may be shy about approaching.
  • Or we can talk about my grandkids, if you like! ☺

That one hour is just for you, CopyStar! Use it wisely – I don’t make this offer often. In fact…

… my hourly consulting rate is $3,500. Yep, for ONE hour – on the phone!

But you and I will be talking in person. And it won’t cost you a dime. But it can probably make you plenty of moolah!

Please know this: I’m only extending this invitation to the first 3 CopyStar readers who sign up for this year’s Bootcamp.  CLICK-HERE

Please don’t miss out on this opportunity. If you were ever thinking about attending Bootcamp – NOW is the time to do it!

Looking forward to meeting…talking… and working with you at Bootcamp!


Million-Dollar Copywriter & Consultant