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I’m so impressed with this cutting edge to writing kick-butt copy


I’m so impressed with this cutting edge approach to writing kick-butt copy – I JUMPED at the chance to be one of the instructors…

Hiya CopyStar,

If you’ve been reading CopyStar for a while – you KNOW how I feel about American Writer’s & Artist Inc – known simply as “AWAI.”

Without a doubt – these folks are the LEADERS in the copywriting industry. They’ve played a key role in the growth and expansion of the direct response industry over the last 20 years – by doing something no other organization has been able to consistently do:

Turn ordinary folks into extraordinary writers!

The secret to their success?

They don’t teach from an ivory tower.


Everyone involved in AWAI – from Katie and Rebecca who run the company…

… to its founding fathers…

… to the people who create the courses and teach the skills…

… are ALL  marketers and copywriters!

That means you’re learning from people who are “in the trenches” – writing EVERY day – for today’s markets… today’s clients… and today’s customers!

That’s why I believe AWAI’s newest program is so AMAZING!

It’s the only way I know to give all of the skills and know-how  to the modern day copywriter – so YOU can bring full value to your clients.

From small “space ads”… to crucial “lift” emails… to welcome letters… to advertorial writing… and of course, sales letters and Video Sales Letters (VSLs)!

What’s more – AWAI modeled this learning program after the wildly successful in-house copywriter training programs major direct response companies like Stansberry Research, Oxford Club and NewMarket Health use to produce their own million-dollar copywriters.

It’s a kind of “mentored ascension” program — where you graduate from one skill to the next by working on REAL assignments for REAL products and REAL clients – all under the professional guidance of your very own COPY CHIEF!

For sure – this is a LEARNING BREAKTHROUGH for our industry…

… In fact – when they told me about this remarkable program – I JUMPED at the opportunity to join the beta program as a guest expert. And because they let me put in my own twist and creativity to my special teaching module – I promise you that it’s NOTHING like the rest of the other guys! In fact…

…you can get a sneak peak of my section when you Click Here!

So, if you’re an aspiring copywriter – and you want the most complete copywriting learning experience you’ll find anywhere – I urge you to check out AWAI’s new “Advanced Training” program here.

But one word of caution…

If you’re interested, I suggest you get your name on the list PRONTO!

This special opportunity expires at 11:59pm on July 11th!

Katie tells me there’s a lot of pent-up demand for this program. After all – you’ve got the BEST of the BEST in the copywriting industry GIVING AWAY their million dollar secrets!

And you’ve got these folks at your disposal – holding your hand – and guiding you through the entire creative process. That kind of personal mentoring opportunity doesn’t come around often!  So no wonder space has to be limited! What’s more…

… time is limited too. That’s right – this special opportunity to join expires on July 11th at 11:59pm!

I just don’t have the space to explain this new Advanced Training program in this letter. But you can get all the details when you Click Here.

Don’t miss out!


Million-Dollar Copywriter & Consultant