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If you’re going to be an Internet copywriter — you gotta speaka da lingo! Part II


If you’re going to be an Internet copywriter — you gotta speaka da lingo!

 Part II

Hi CopyStar,

Recently I gave you a cheat sheet of direct mail copywriting lingo. If you missed that issue – Click Here. Hope you’re using this tool.

Now – you’re going to get some must know lingo for internet marketing. Learn these trade words – and use them often:

Autoresponders: Emails sent automatically after a prospect buys, opts-in or asks for a free report.

Banner Ads: Usually found at the top or bottom of search engine results to promote a related product or service.

Bounce Rate:  The percentage of prospects that leave a landing page or webpage without buying, opting-in or responding to the offer. The percentage can also include emails blocked by spam filters that never reached the prospect’s inbox.

Blog: A message sent on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly) designed to engage visitors by sharing, commenting or subscribing.

Click Through Rate (CRT): The percentage of prospects who click on a link to go to the sales page compared to the number of times the ad was displayed. This shows how well the promotion connected with prospects.

Conversion Rate: The percentage of prospects to a website or landing page who take action and respond to the offer as compared to those who view it and do nothing.

Downsell: Offering a lower priced product or service to a prospect who refuses your original offer.

Email List: A group of names and email addresses of prospects who show interest in a website, company, product or service by signing up.

E-Newsletter: An online (electronic) newsletter sent to subscribers on an email list. Usually contains articles, messages or educational materials to build rapport and trust with prospects.

Gauntlet:  If a prospect is not sure whether to buy – you keep offering him opportunities to say yes. That’s a gauntlet: a series of focused emails delivered regularly to increase sales potential.

Golden Triangle (or F Shape): The area on a webpage where most visitors scan or read information. Prospects start at the top left, scan across from left to right, and then read down in a diagonal along the left side of the page.

Graphic Link:  Highlighted words or images you click on and instantly jump to another location in a document or on the internet. This is also known as hypertext.

Home Page: The main page of a website, usually the first page a prospect sees. It contains links to other locations on the website.

Hyperlink: A word, phrase or URL to take you directly to a new page or section in a website.

Keyword or Keyword Phrase: Words or phrases used when researching a topic on the internet. These words are used in marketing material to rank higher on search engines.

Landing Page: A stand-alone webpage used to sell your offer or lead the prospect to make a buying decision. In the direct mail arena, this is called your sales letter.

Lead Generation: Any method or form used to get a prospect’s contact information, usually in exchange for a free gift.

Meta Description (Meta Tag): A short description of a webpage used by search engines below the title with keywords that will rank it higher on search engines. For example if searching for “easy exercises for seniors,” the Meta Description is under the URL, as follows:

Stretching Exercises for Seniors: 7 Simple Moves to Start…/stretching-for-seniors-7-simple-moves-for-the-not-s…

May 5, 2017 – These seven simple moves for the not-so-flexible make everyday physical activities easier so you can start living a more active lifestyle.

Open Rate: The percentage of prospects that open your email compared to those who received it but didn’t open it.

Opt -in: Signing up for an email list or digital subscription with your name and email address, and consenting to receive future emails. Sending unsolicited emails to prospects is against the law (CAN-SPAM Act of 2003) and can result in jail time and a fine up of to $11,000 for each violation in the US.

Opt-out: Unsubscribing or asking to be removed from an email list or e-newsletter subscription.

Pay-Per-Click Ads (PPC): Paying Search Engine companies such as Google, Bing or LinkedIn each time prospect clicks on your ad.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Copy that helps a webpage rank on a search engine or appear higher in searches.

Social Media:  Content, images, and videos posted in order to influence, excite, spark conversations and create trust in a product or service. Popular social media sites are FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Upsell (Bump): Offering additional (or higher value) products or services at the same time or just after a purchase.

URL (Uniform Resource Locator):  The digital address of a website, for example:

VSL: Video Sales Letter. Visual form of a written sales letter. It can be a simple “talking head” video with a direct call to action or a longer copy that includes training or animation.

Ok – CopyStar — Practice using this lingo — and you’ll be speaking like a PRO in no time flat!

Yours for stellar results,