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Hu Sez

Don’t Let People Squash Your Dreams!

When I decided to take on the challenge of self-publishing my book, My Life as a 50+ Year-Old White Male: How a Mixed-Race Woman Stumbled Into Direct-Response Copywriting and Succeeded! – I got a lot of flak from the “Hu Sez choir”.
You know who they are, right – the folks Hu Sez you can’t do it!
In fact – when I decided not to go with a traditional publisher – I was told:

1. You won’t sell more than 2000 copies of your book – ever!

2. You won’t get into book stores!

3. You won’t get international recognition!

Instead of getting discouraged – I just released my “Inner Hustle” (from chapter one of my book) – rolled my eyes – and replied..
...“Oh yeah, Hu Sez?”
I just LOVE when people UNDERestimate me!
So – I decided to take on each of those 3 challenges head on:
Challenge #1: You won’t sell a lot of copies of the book!
According to the Scribe Method by Tucker Max and Zach Obront – most books written sell between 250 and 2,000 copies in their lifetime.
These guys also said when they take on a new book client, their goal is to sell 1,000 books in 3 months. That would be really good and exceed “industry standards”.
Well – I wasn’t about to settle for “good” – I want PHENOMENAL! Remember, I am Mama Da’s granddaughter – and Haitian Women Know How to Hustle! (See p. 23 of the book!)
So the rally cry went out!
I enlisted the help of friends I’ve made in my 30+ years in the direct response industry to get the word out about my book. And yes...
...  I’m about to name drop here...
I asked folks like Katie Yeakle and Denise Ford at AWAI… Brian Kurtz… Caleb O’Dowd… David Deutsch... Marcella Allison... Doberman Dan... Kim Krause-Schwalm... John Forde... Pauline Longdon... Laura Gale… Justin Goff… Stefan Georgi… Bob Bly… David Garfinkel… Don Hauptman… Richard Armstrong… Kevin Rogers...and Wendy Makepeace– just to name a few – to help me promote the book.
Each graciously agreed to mention the book in an ezine article… a video… a P.S. – or in the case of Justin Goff – just holding the book with a cute smile on Facebook saying “buy this book!”
(And a special shout out to Caleb O’Dowd who wouldn’t accept new clients until AFTER they bought my book. His “hostage” approach sold over 260 books in ONE day! And according to Caleb – he got “a ton of new clients!” That was GENIUS marketing!)
So what was the result of this mass campaign effort to launch my book?
...the book launched on Amazon on August 12th in Kindle and paper back. And in just 3 ½  weeks  – while I was attending the amazing Copy Accelerator seminar – book sales hit 1,000!
Yep – 1,000 sales in LESS than a month! And sales are still climbing! But that’s not all…
… the book made the Amazon #1 Hot New Release list the first DAY of sales! And then…
A week later – it became an Amazon #1 Best Seller!
And by the way – those results are JUST for Amazon! The book is now available online at Barnes & Noble and Kobo. Coming soon: Audible and Apple!
Well – I think that’s PHENOMENAL, don’t you?
So Hu Sez I can’t sell LOTS of books? And…
… Hu Sez YOU have to settle for mediocre performance in your life?
For this challenge - I enlisted the help of daughter #3 (you’ll get to know her very well in chapter 8 of the book). I had her contact every local book store to get the names of the managers.
Once she made contact, she hand delivered a free copy of the book to the manager.
I especially instructed her to have a smile on her face and engage the manager in conversation if possible. (Again – you’ll know WHY I had to be so specific with daughter #3 when you read about her – and my other 3 kids – in the book!)
Now – MY job was to close the deal. With contact info in hand – I called up each manager to personally introduce myself and ask how they enjoyed their free gift.
Well, one of those local book stores was none other than Barnes & Noble!
After trying to track him down for a few days – I finally made contact with the manager, Patrick Foster. He’s a really nice guy who is very supportive of local authors.
Patrick said after he read the first chapter of my book, he decided to order 3 copies to “test” the market. Ooohh… now Patrick was speaking MY lingo!
I thanked him and continued to engage him in conversation. I told Patrick about my mission and the marketing plans already in place for the book. And…
… I just happened to mention that the book was on his competitor’s #1 Best Seller list – so Amazon already did the leg work for him – and proved the book was desirable to the market!
Well – by the end of the conversation – Patrick was even more excited about the book and decided to up the quantity to 10 copies for his store! (For a self-published book with an unknown author – that’s a big deal for local stores.)
Well – I wasn’t stopping there. It’s time for the upsell! So I said…
… how about I come in and sign those 10 copies? Now – you can tell your customers you only have 10 books in stock that are signed by the author! Would that appeal to your market, Patrick? He said yes. Then I said…
… how about I bring in a poster to help draw attention to the books – would that help you out? He agreed and said I could get a 22” x 28” sign and he would put it up on an easel. I said sure! But then...
… my assistant Cynthia “Cindi” Hill said – No WAY! We can do better!
So with the help of my original book cover designer, the awesome Rob Davis – here’s what Cindi and I came up with – thanks to VistaPrint…
Take a fun pic standing next to my life-size poster when
you pick up your copy of my book in the
Barnes & Noble Snellville, GA location!
Make sure you send it to me at
So what do you think CopyStar – would this 33” x 84” life-size sign get YOUR attention as you’re walking down the aisles of a Barnes & Noble store?
And guess what – this past Saturday, I stopped by the Barnes & Noble store and personally signed the 10 copies of My Life as a 50+ Year-Old White Male. And the books go on sale TODAY!
So it’s SHOW TIME!
Ok – now here’s where YOU come in CopyStar!
As a book seller – Patrick’s main concern is selling books! And he’s taking a big risk giving me shelf – and poster space – in his store. So I need your help CopyStar to make this opportunity really pay off! Here’s what I’m asking…
If you live in the Atlanta area – call Patrick now at (770) 979-0138 to reserve your signed copy of my book. He’ll give you up to 5 days to pick it up at your convenience and pay for it.
I want to make sure all 10 books sell out lickety split. This will trigger MORE orders!
(By the way – I’m definitely a proponent of sheltering in place – so PLEASE don’t go out of your house just to get this book. That’s why I asked Patrick to give you up to 5 days to reserve your order. Get the book while you’re running your normal errands – and make sure you wear your mask, ok?)
Here’s the address for the ONLY Barnes & Noble book store you can a signed copy of my book:
1350 Scenic Highway Unit 100, Snellville, GA. 30078
Again, the phone number is: (770) 979-0138. And make sure to tell Patrick that you’re one of my CopyStar readers!
If you don’t live in the Atlanta area – that’s ok – here’s how you can help me create a Book BLITZ!
Contact your local Barnes & Noble location and simply ask them if they carry this great book called “My Life as a 50+ Year-Old White Male” by Carline Anglade-Cole.
They’ll check their system and then say “no”.
Then ask if there are any locations that carry the book? The answer should be “Snellville, GA”.  But it doesn’t matter...
...The REAL goal is to BLITZ Barnes & Noble with requests for the book!
The requests will trigger other local stores to “test” a few copies of the book! And if you want to purchase the book – they can order it for you for a pick-up in their store.
So no matter where you live – just contact your local Barnes & Noble book store and simply ask them about my book. Can you do that for me CopyStar?
Now – Hu Sez a self-published writer can’t get her book in a big name store like Barnes & Noble? And…
…Hu Sez – you can’t rally your friends to help you accomplish a “Goliath-like” task?
Challenge #3: You won’t get international recognition!
I honestly don’t have a desire for “international recognition” – but I don’t like people telling me what I can’t do either!
So for this challenge – I tapped into my friend Maria Charagh. I actually call her “German Carline” because for the past 2 years, Maria has been translating my wacky copywriting style for the German market. I figured why can’t she do that for my book, too?
By the way – Maria is a great researcher, proofreader and German translator who understands direct response copy – so if you ever need her services – just contact her at:
So I offered Maria the opportunity and she said, “Bring it On!” So coming in early 2021 – I’m about to BLOW UP the German market – and officially become an international publisher!
Again… Hu Sez I can’t stretch beyond my normal boundaries? And Hu Sez – YOU have to stay confined and “stuck”?
Unleash YOUR Inner Hustle CopyStar – and make YOUR life happen!
“Thanks to Patrick Foster and Barnes & Noble
for helping me make a dream come true!”
Yours for stellar results,
Million-Dollar Copywriter & Consultant
P.S. Just want to say a big THANKS to all of you who took the time to send me a photo reading my book. My youngest CopyStar reader, 11-year-old Cole Hill is putting the finishing touches on a really cool video that will be available in just a few days! Stay tuned!
And if you haven’t done so already – please take a few minutes to leave a review of the book on Amazon by clicking here! I would really appreciate it!
P.P.S. We'll pick back up on the last installment of rookie mistakes that drive me crazy in the next CopyStar issue!