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Grab your dreams in 2017


Grab your dreams — whatever they
are — and Go for it in 2017!


Hiya CopyStar,

Man, can you believe we’re zooming through the first quarter of 2017? It’s like time is on warp speed!

18 years sure have FLOWN by fast!

In fact, it was a century ago — yep, waaay back in the 20th century — in 1999 — that I took one of the BIGGEST leaps of my life!

January 1, 1999 was when I said “Sayonara” to Corporate America and “Aloha” to my new life as a freelance copywriter. And now 18 years and four gorgeous grandsons later — I’m still lovin’ that decision!

Even though giving up a hefty and predictable paycheck was scary as heck — it was the best career decision I ever made. And I’m thankful I had a few folks on my side cheering me on — and giving me the kick in the pants I needed to take the leap.

I’m talking about awesome people like:

● My husband Mick — who said “Hey honey, we started off in a one bedroom roach-infested basement  apartment in Hyattsville, MD and we were happy —   so we can always go back to it if we    have to”…

● Clayton Makepeace — my mentor — who said, “You got talent kid — now when you get some guts — look me up”…

● Denise Owens — my friend — who said, “Giirrrllll…are you serious? That’s awesome — you can do it! — and I’ve got some food in my freezer if you run low!”

Honestly, without these folks — I may have chickened out and never fulfilled my dream. So I know how important it is to get a little nudge or push when needed!

So I’m calling this issue your official “Kick in the Pants” — to get you off your butt and GO for your dream! And this is the absolute best time to do so.

Here are 3 reasons why:

#1: No job loyalty! Gone are the days when you can work for a company and know they really care about YOU. Sure, you can work for nice folks — but the bottom line is if a company’s not doing well — no matter how much they love you — they’ve got to watch their bottom line. And that may mean putting YOUR bottom in the unemployment line! Having your own business means you control the shots — and fires!

#2: Lay offs and downsizing! People are getting laid off or they’re worried about getting laid off. If you got downsized, riffed, laid off, or fired recently — congratulations! It won’t do you any good feeling down in the dumps about it. So look at it as your opportunity to get started on your new career NOW instead of later! Many folks will tell you that getting fired was probably the best thing that could’ve happened to them (yours truly included!) So take advantage of your newly liberated free time and find your passion!

#3: You’re not getting any younger! And you’re probably as smart as you’re ever going to get anyway — so if you’ve got an idea for a business or you want to launch a freelancing career, THIS IS IT! Now is the time to Make Your Plans and Work Your Plans!

Let me tell you about Sandy…

You’ve probably heard me talk about Sandy Ferguson a lot in the past few years. That’s because Sandy has become my “secret weapon” for copywriting. She’s my researcher — and man, can she dig up some juicy stuff for me to use in my copy!

What you may not know is that Sandy is a bona fide “scurdy cat”! She hates to take risks and she gets nervous about the unknown. But about 12 years ago, Sandy had the blessing — or curse — to hang out with me at my house.

I was working on a project with a client and was hitting a creative wall. I needed solid research to be able to write a successful launch package and I just wasn’t getting it in the current research kit. My client agreed this was a problem and went searching for a researcher.

That’s when I thought about Sandy.

Through the years, Sandy has “dug up” all sorts of great stuff on the web. She could find every sale at every one of her favorite stores — and she ALWAYS FOUND a little-known coupon to save her even more moolah!

Plus, she was very detail oriented. She would sit down for hours to crunch the numbers on her family budget to “find” hidden money to take a short vacation or pay off a bill. She was amazing.

So when I shared my dilemma with her, I also told her she was the kind of person who could be an excellent researcher.

Her face went completely white (and she’s a black woman!) And I think at that moment, rigor mortis started to set in.

After a few more hours of talking and convincing her she was “a natural” — she agreed to meet with my client. He hired her on the spot — and that began her career as an Internet Researcher — a title we came up with so she could explain to her husband what I was getting her into!

Since then, Sandy’s picked up a boatload of clients — and helped me create some of my BEST promotions ever! And guess what?

Sandy became the guru for AWAI’s Internet Research program. Yep — this little scurdy cat helped create a remarkable course to help others become Internet Researchers too!

Sandy was scared — and she did it anyway!

Now, she not only has a thriving home-based internet research business — she can now afford to travel to exotic places…enjoy wonderful vacations…pay off her debts… and enjoy her life!

Sandy — can I have your autograph NOW before the crowd lines up?

You can read more about Sandy here:

Meet Cynthia…

To call Cynthia Paschal Hill a “ball of energy” would be a gross understatement. This woman makes ME feel like I’m on “slo mo’!

Cynthia is passionate, loving, thoughtful, funny as heck — and just an all around wonderful person. She was also broke.

She tried several different careers: Administrative Assistant. Medical Assistant. Massage Therapist. Personal trainer. Medical Director. And even a Temporary missionary!

Although she liked most of her jobs, she just wasn’t finding her passion. (What she didn’t realize was all these past jobs were training and leading her to eventually create not one but TWO new businesses!)

Cynthia wanted to control her own destiny and she wanted to use the skills she gained from her previous employers. That’s when she got the idea for Healthy Connections Corp. (

Cynthia created a business that provides on-site corporate wellness programs. She puts on health fairs, workshops, and organizes health screenings. These programs help increase employee morale and decrease healthcare costs.

The good thing is that she could organize all these nationwide trade shows in her home-based office. Her company was doing so well, her husband Ainsley eventually quit his job to run the company.

Cynthia recently plunged into a new venture. Her passion for health and nutrition led her to create a remarkable program to get natural health enthusiasts in contact with “green, eco and sustainable living” vendors who provide natural wellness services.

This May — she’s launching “The Fresh Expo” — and I have no doubt it’s going to be a remarkable event in Charlotte, NC. In fact — I plan to attend! So if you’re in the Charlotte area — check it out on May 20th. Here’s the link for more details:

In Cynthia’s case — one passion naturally led to the creation of two businesses!

So are you feeling inspired yet? Need some more success stories?

Well, there’s my daughter Milan who after graduating from college — listened to her mother — and turned down a full time salary at a prestigious marketing company to give freelance copywriting a try. Ten years later, she’s married and gave birth to her 4th son this past September. She decided to take a year off from her copywriting job — but has already booked projects for the fall — when she goes back to work — in her basement! Check out her stuff at

And there’s my other daughter Tiara who dropped out of college after 2 years to pursue her passion as a graphic designer. While her classmates were looking for their first jobs — she already had a viable copywriting and graphic design business and traveled to Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Peru, Ireland (four times), England, Mexico, Greece, Finland, Italy, Australia and New Zealand. Yep, she just took her laptop with her to finish her projects along the way!

At an age when her peers are still trying to “figure it out” — she’s now taken on the role of teaching copywriting! Yep — this very month — she’s a speaker at a copywriting seminar in Austin, TX! Not too shabby for a college drop out! Take a look at her stuff at:

So am I beating you over the head enough CopyStar? You’re never going to succeed unless you try! Why keep reading about these other success stories — go out there and make your own!

Yours for stellar results,


Carline Anglade-Cole
Million-Dollar Copywriter & Consultant