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Faster than a speeding… (you know the rest!) Here’s an easy way to create momentum in your copy…


Faster than a speeding… (you know the rest!)
Here’s an easy way to create momentum in your copy…

Hiya CopyStar,

In case you’re not sure what I’m blabbering about, here’s how I define a bullet:

“a mini headline followed by strong supporting sentence aimed to tease and entice your prospect.”

Bullets help you create momentum in your copy.

And since most people scan instead of read — bullets can help you quickly drive home the points you want your prospect to remember.

I love working for clients like Boardroom, Rodale and Frank Cawood & Associates. These guys really appreciate the value of bullets. In fact, for their style of copy — bullets are KING! Here’s how I tackle writing a sales letter for them:

When I read their book, I turn every interesting fact or “fascination” I discover into a bullet. By the time I’m finished with the book, I’ve usually written well over 200 bullets.

Then I break up the bullets in groups of 10 to 15… add a few paragraphs of copy… drop in another 10 to 15 bullets… do that for several more times… add a few subheads… and voila — my letter practically writes itself!

Here are 5 ways to give your bullets a powerful punch. And take a look at the examples for each. They’re actual bullets I wrote for a Boardroom Bottom Line Health promo:

#1: Be specific! Find ways to add impressive facts, studies and figures to your bullets…

  • How to turn OFF your fat genes — for permanent weight loss! Spanking new research from the Human Genome Project identifies 6 fat switches! One of them shows you how to eat more to weigh less!
  • How women slash their risk of developing cataracts by 77%! Tufts University reveals simple and effective remedy you can start using today!
  • Is your depression an early warning sign for diabetes? New research printed in the journal, Diabetes Care says YES! See why on page xx!

#2: Challenge the norm! Give the reader a different twist on common knowledge:

  • If you want to get rid of your “spare tire” and “love handles” DON’T DO SIT-UPS! New discovery gives you an easier way to stronger abs and a flatter tummy. LOOK AND FEEL BETTER IN NO TIME!
  • FATTY foods your eyes will love! Go ahead and splurge — you deserve it!
  • The surprisingly simple breakthrough that’s changing the way surgeons operate! No scalpel… no incisions… and no anesthesia! Best of all, patients can usually go home within 24 hours! This is a MEGA-breakthrough YOU MUST KNOW about!

#3: Create a paradox: This creates intrigue and fascination…

  • When high cholesterol is actually GOOD for your heart. Breakthrough news — especially for women!
  • The asthma medicine that makes it hard to breathe. Is it in your inhaler?
  • When salt substitutes are BAD for you. Important news especially if you’re on high blood pressure medicines!

#4: Give a reason why! Justify your claim — it makes powerful copy:

  • 4 out of 5 doctors cannot accurately diagnose symptoms of a mini-stroke. Here’s what you need to know to save your own life!
  • The little-known reason adults over 65 STOP taking cholesterol-lowering drugs. A breakthrough study shows 75% of heart patients are in serious danger.
  • Why angry people SHOULD take aspirin. Landmark study reveals surprising link between emotions and heart attack.

#5: Reveal a new, offbeat and even strange way to use a traditional remedy… 

  • How to prevent a heart attack — with water! Cut risk of a fatal heart attack by 51%!
  • Mosquito bite? Quick — grab the… deodorant?!? Reduces swelling and itching when you follow the directions in your FREE report!
  • Boost your memory — in just minutes — with lemons? New study proves this tasty remedy fights forgetfulness — and helps you remember where you left your car keys!

Get the picture? So start practicing. Remember this: You’re putting your bullets into a rifle not a shotgun. What does that mean?


Shotguns spray their ammo over a large area. Rifles aim at a specific target. Keep your bullets targeted. Don’t add too many sentences.

One thought per bullet.

Bullet writing is a genuine art — and you can master it!

Until next time,

Yours for stellar results,


Carline Anglade-Cole
Million-Dollar Copywriter & Consultant