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Do this one thing for even STRONGER copy

Here’s How to Pump Muscle into Your Copy! 

Hiya CopyStar,

You know what I hate more than gyms?

GOING to a gym! 

But a while ago I finished a project about osteoporosis — and I realized I needed to pump up my muscle strength and protect my delicate bones. 

On the cardio scale — I give myself an A — however for weight training — I’m flunking!

So — I decided to take action…

… I reached out to my friend and personal trainer Anissa. 

I told Anissa I had one life-long goal: I wanted to do a pull-up. Are you laughing at me? It’s true. I just want to do ONE, stinkin’ pull-up! Here’s why…

Remember back in high school when you had to participate in the President’s Council on Fitness program? I was determined to earn my Eagle Patch. That way I would be an official member of the President’s Fitness Club! It was my DREAM!

I could do everything required: Run…jump…throw balls. I could do everything — except a pull up! I failed every year — for 3 years — and never earned my coveted Eagle’s Patch!

I never got over that disappointment! (It’s obvious since I’m still talking about it today!)

Now that I wanted to build my muscle strength — I rekindled my goal to do a pull up! And let me tell you…

… my first workout was a killer — and it only got worse… 

My mild-mannered friend turned into “Anissa the Assassin!” Man, she worked my butt off — figuratively and literally! I just knew I was sweating blood! 

But after several sessions, I built enough arm strength to do a modified pull-up (that’s where you sit on the floor and use your arms to pull your weight). And — in less than 3 months — I reached my goal! I did my first ever PULL UP! I felt and looked better than ever! In fact, now I LOVE my strength training workouts!

Anissa showed me that adding a little muscle can go a long way to experiencing real health. But she reminded me of an even bigger, more profitable lesson… 

You gotta pump “muscle” in your copy, too!

I did it! My first pull up!

You’ve probably figured out that I often find copywriting lessons in everyday life.  And this is no exception! Anissa reminded me that endurance is good, but without muscle strength — you’re only getting half the job done!

Over the years I’ve learned kick-butt ways to pump “muscle” into my copy. I don’t hold back and give it to you straight in my ebook.

Right now — I’ll tell you one of the most effective ways you can pump “muscle” in your copy: Tell a story!

The human brain is hard-wired to relate to stories. And we’ve been conditioned since infancy to enjoy them.

Here’s why telling a story is so powerful:

  • Gives you visual imagery
  • Helps you simplify a complicated thought
  • Personalizes your copy
  • Gets your point across
  • Adds fun to your copy — remember bedtime stories? 

I started this article by telling you my sad and pathetic story of being a “pull-up wimp.” Just about anyone can relate to having an unfulfilled desire. 

So instead of spouting out the benefits of your product, turn it into a story.

For example… 

… I worked on a project about chelation therapy. Doctors use this procedure to treat patients with lead poisoning. But then, they discovered that folks with heart problems were also getting healed in the process. 

Now, I could’ve used a list of bullets as a lead-in to this exceptional product… 

… Or I could’ve created a “scientific breakthrough” lead…

… But since I was talking mostly to 60+ year-old skeptical, males, I decided to go with a toned down, narrative lead like this… 

“Dear Friend,
It was 1948 and factory workers at the local battery plant worked ‘round-the-clock to manufacture lead acid batteries for military and civilian contracts.

Earning a little over 40 cents an hour, the plant workers were grateful to help our country recover from the war — and put food on the table for their growing families. 

But what these 240 men and women didn’t realize was that they were about to make heart history…

… After years of heavy metal exposure, many of the workers developed life-threatening cases of lead poisoning. Some received the bad news. They had just months — maybe a year to live… 

… Others were more fortunate. They would slowly lose their vision, hearing and the ability to control their bodily functions. Their organs — including their hearts and kidneys — would become damaged and eventually stop working… 

… But fortunately, a few forward-thinking doctors heard about their plight. Armed with research from Europe, these doctors offered the workers a potential cure — and their only hope for a full recovery…” 

Did you notice the details in the story? 

What was the year? It was 1948 — not 60 years ago. Is 1948 a magic year? Not really. I just made it up. I know the discovery occurred in the late 1940s. 

I wanted to pinpoint a time in the mind of my prospect. I also made up the 240 men and women number instead of saying “over 200.” 

Why? Because being specific gives your story more credibility.What was the hourly rate? My prospect can remember bringing home 40 cents an hour — the minimum wage in 1948 according to a Google search. 

I want them nodding their heads and saying, “This guy remembers too. He really knows me.” 

Did you pick up on the intensity? I could’ve said “heavy lead poisoning will kill them.” 

But instead, I deliberately talked about the slow, painful breakdown of their body: losing their vision, hearing and the ability to control their bodily functions. 

Notice the tug on the patriotic heart string? Not “the country” or “their country” but “our country.” 

Many of these guys fought in World War II or were raising families at that time. I wanted them to know my doctor can relate to them. Patriotism is a strong and effective bonding tool!

How successful was this lead? 

Well, the client mailed millions of pieces every year for over 4 years! The only reason he stopped mailing the promo was because he sold the company!

Did you get the point CopyStar? Add muscle to your copy with a great story your prospect can relate to. Tug at his heart string — and the purse string will open! 

As I said earlier — I’ve got plenty more winning secrets to writing strong, confident and successful copy. It’s in my ebook, How to Write Kick-Butt Copy Straight Talk From a Million Dollar Copywriter. Check it out — you won’t regret it!

Yours for stellar results,

Million-Dollar Copywriter & Consultant