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Hiya CopyStar,
World-class copywriter Clayton Makepeace launched a health revolution – and he did it in a weekend!
That’s how long it took him to write the blockbuster promotion called “Give Me 90 Days”. It was for a newsletter called Health & Healing.
Back in 1991, that promotion mailed MILLIONS of pieces each month for over 2 years. I know – at the time, I was the marketing manager responsible for finding the mailing lists for that fantabulous promo!
My mentor Clayton Makepeace wrote that package in less than 48 hours, sitting poolside and tanning his cute cheeks. So why was it taking ME 6 to 8 weeks to write a half-way decent health promo?
Back in 2005, I gave myself a huge challenge: Cut my writing time in half without sacrificing quality and profitability of my work.
How’d I do?

Not only did I achieve my goal, I BEAT IT in spades!

Back then, I was writing about six direct mail packages a year. These were mostly 24-page magalogs/tabloids. I also completed a few other smaller projects – inserts, renewal programs, etc …

My success rate was around 66% – in other words, 4 out of 6 packages became controls.

In 2006, I put into practice my speedwriting program and I wrote 14 magalogs/tabloids… provided copy for a new website launch… wrote several inserts, calendars, other small projects and was the copy chief for half a dozen junior copywriters on other projects.

Phenomenal, right? But that’s not all…

I wrote 6 of the tabloid packages in less than 3 weeks – one package launch took me just 10 days! (Watch out Clayton, I’m moving in on your record!)

Plus …I more than DOUBLED my copywriting income – and my success rate shot up to 86%!

In other words, I’m getting 20% more royalty income from 6 additional packages!

And the writing streak just kept improving:

  •  In 2009, I wrote 9 packages in less than 12 days – and 8 of them became controls!
  • In July, 2010, I finished a project sooooh fast – it made my client’s head spin. He subtly accused me of  rushing to finish the job. But when he read the copy – he loved it – and made very little changes to the copy! (By the way – I have to admit I was a little ticked off by the accusation. So if I ever decide to write for that client again, do you think I’ll change my writing approach? Heck no! I’m sticking to my winning formula – however – I may just let his copy “sit” for several weeks before sending it to him!) Sorry, I digressed…
  • In 2013 – my husband and I celebrated our 30th anniversary. We spent the year traveling around the country – visiting 7 different countries! Did my writing business suffer? Absolutely NOT! With my now finely-tuned system – I still wrote 8 packages  – and had an 88% success rate!
  • In 2014 – ONE international client booked up all 12 of my entire copywriting slot for the year! I worked on all sorts of projects – including launching a new line of products and revamping the copy on his website! What an adventure!
  •  In 2015 – I THOUGHT I was going to take it easy after a whirlwind 2014. My plan was just to work on fun projects and launches. Well, I had so much FUN – I ended up writing 14 packages! Results are still coming in – but as of this writing – my success rate of 88% is looking solid!

Now, I’m not telling you all this stuff just to brag (well, maybe just a little) – I want you to know that the secret to my success isn’t rocket science. You too can put a few of these little tricks to work – and you’ll see your copywriting income increase too!

I’m no rocket scientist – but I do know a thing or 2 about writing copy. So in the next few issues – I’m going to give you what I call my…

7 keys to writing faster and making lots of moolah!
Part One

Ok, right now, you’re going to discover a few of my proven tips to help YOU see a BUMP in your copywriting income. Let’s get started…

Key #1: Before you write one single word: Know what the heck you’re talking about. In other words, do your research. Spend time getting into the mind of your prospect.

My clients usually send me a copywriter research kit. In addition – you’ve got to do as much research as you can to really KNOW the product. You’ve got to convince yourself this is the best product ever and everyone needs to have it. And, if at all possible, use the product!

I always request samples and take/use whatever I’m working on (with the exception of the male potency stuff. Doesn’t work for me and my husband swears he’ll never need it.)

I want to see and feel a difference the product makes on ME. In other words, I’m convincing myself before I try to sell anybody else! Many times, I’m so certain the product works, I write my own testimonial for the package!

If you’re working on a product and don’t believe its value – do yourself a favor and turn down the job. The odds of failure are great – and why do you want to sell a crappy product anyway?

Key #2: Work with a few clients – and really get to know their business! I’m in my 17th year as a freelance copywriter. And I’ve found the years I worked with just 2 or 3 clients produced more revenue than when I worked for 6 or more companies!

Of the 14 packages I wrote last year, 10 were from 2 clients. They were a variety of nutritional products – but all were targeted to the same demographics. So I knew immediately who I was writing to.

I didn’t have to “learn” my market every time – just had to get into the benefits of the product. And because I was familiar with the companies, I knew their risk tolerance. That helped avoid a lot of edits from the legal department!

Let me also say this: I do believe it’s important not to “put all your eggs in one basket”. In other words, I make it a point to write for at least 2 new clients every year to pump new blood into my business. But I make sure that new clients fit my niche. That way I don’t have to re-learn an industry.

(Of course, one exception to this rule was the opportunity to work on an Oprah project – how could I turn THAT down?!? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, [button link=”” size=”small” bg_color=”#19c202″ window=”yes”]Click Here[/button]

However – please know this: Limiting yourself to one client – without a sweet exclusivity arrangement – means if your only client is having a bad year – so are you. So be careful!

Ok, CopyStar — we’re going to stop here. Don’t want to overload you. In the next issue — I’ll show you how to get over that “Deer in the headlight” feeling when you’re staring at a blank page!  Until then…

Carline Anglade-Cole
Million-Dollar Copywriter & Consultant