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You Ask – I give it to you straight!

You Ask — I give it to you straight!   Hiya CopyStar, This issue is all about Y-O-U! That’s right. I asked a group of CopyStar readers send me their burning questions about copywriting — to tell me what’s preventing them from achieving their copywriting goals. And man, did I get a boatload of responses! […]

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For killer copy – you need BULLETS…

Faster than a speeding… (you know the rest!) Here’s an easy way to create momentum in your copy…   Hiya CopyStar, In case you’re not sure what I’m blabbering about, here’s how I define a bullet: “a mini headline followed by strong supporting sentence aimed to tease and entice your prospect.” Bullets help you create […]

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It’s copywriting – not copy the writing!

It’s copywriting – not copy the writing!   Hiya CopyStar, I just had a long talk with one of my clients. Turns out he’s refusing to rent his mailing list to several other companies. Why? Because he’s tired of finding HIS copy in the pages of his competitor’s promotions! Yep, his competitors are hiring copywriters […]

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