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Let’s kick your writing skills into HIGH gear!

You and me. One on one. An hour of INTENSE copywriting advice…help… or whatever you need – absolutely FREE!   Hiya CopyStar, When I was starting off in my copywriting career – the biggest improvement I saw in my writing skills – happened when I spent one-on-one time with my mentor, Clayton Makepeace. Just being […]

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If operators are busy, please keep calling!

  If operators are busy, please keep calling!     Hiya CopyStar, In our 21st century marketing world of treating the customer as #1 and catering to his every demand — the phrase, “If operators are busy, please keep calling” would be a turn off, right? After all, who wants to stand in line… wait… […]

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Can I have your money puh-leez

Can I have your money puh— leez? Here’s how to master the art of nailing the sale!       Hiya CopyStar, I’ve seen copy with a killer headline… credibility up the whazoo… and an intriguing story BOMB in the mail. Why? The copywriter made a fatal mistake: He never took the prospect by the […]

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Your Sales copy bombed – now what

Your sales copy bombed — now what? Hiya CopyStar, If it hasn’t happened to you yet — it will.  I promise. You spend weeks researching a project…  coming up with a convincing sales argument…  loading up your letter with proof elements — including stellar testimonials…  and giving the prospect an offer he can’t refuse. You […]

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