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"We want you for Oprah!"

“Carline, I just firmed up details on a project that I would LOVE for you to write for us, if you’re free and interested.

It’s for our Oprah book series…it’s the 3rd book in the series, title TBD. The first was 'Live Your Best Life', 2nd was 'O’s Guide to Life'...

... So, this book will fall in the motivational, inspirational area. Hopefully this is something you’d like to work on. I know you book up in advance, but maybe you have a hole in your schedule… please???"

– Julie Doll, Marketing Director, Oxmoor House

"In One Word She's Amazing!"

“Carline Anglade-Cole is without a doubt one of the finest copywriters I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. She’s extremely talented, fast and has an amazing number of controls to her name. I’ve personally witnessed another well-respected business owner grovel and beg for a slot on her busy schedule. If you are ever fortunate enough to sign Carline up, you’ll understand why. Definitely one of my favorite people to work with.”

– Layne Lowery, President, Health Resources

"Her copy is so hot... thank goodness she's married to a fireman!"

“It’s not often a new writer is added to our “go-to” arsenal, particularly as quickly as Carline was. We still miss having her as an employee, but the controls she’s given us as a copywriter help temper our grief. We would hire her to write for us even if we didn’t love her as much as we do.”

– Erica Bullard, Marketing Director, Oxmoor House

"A seasoned expert and creative genius!"

"Carline is, quite simply, one of the most brilliant copywriters I have ever known: A seasoned expert at creating direct mail packages and web pages that sell the bejeesus out of her clients’ products.

Her unique perspective and red-hot sales copy have produced huge controls for major mailers from coast to coast. They literally beg to get on her dance card – which isn’t easy, since I have personally reserved every minute of writing time she’ll give me!

Take my advice: If you have the chance to work with Carline, JUMP at it!"

– Clayton Makepeace, Copywriter & Publisher, The Total Package

"A 100% success rate so far!"

"We’ve had the pleasure of working with Carline on two projects in the last year. And she’s 2 for 2! Both of her packages have been big winners for NatureCity.

Even better, Carline is a pure delight to work with to build your business. I look forward to every conversation with Carline. Because by the time I hang up the phone, I know I’ll have learned something that will immediately make our company more successful.

And here’s the good news for marketers…she’s just getting warmed up! I have no doubt that her best packages have yet to be written. This is because Carline constantly invests in herself, further honing her already razor sharp copywriting skills. She’s an absolute gem to partner with, I can’t recommend her more highly. Just don’t take up too much of her time please!"

– Carl Pradelli, NatureCity 

"Full of creative energy!"

“Carline is an amazing, energetic copywriter. She is one of the most creative people I have ever met and is full of ideas and copy platforms. She really helped us grow our Bottom Line Health circulation!

She is also the nicest person you will ever meet. I’d hire Carline again in a minute!”

– Michelle Wolk, Boardroom Inc. 

"The uncrowned queen of controls!"

“Carline Anglade-Cole is the uncrowned queen of controls. Almost every time I go to my mailbox I get another one of her promotion pieces. And most of the time, its got some crazy headline that breaks all the rules… yet…it kicks butt in record numbers.

Carline is an absolute master of sales copy. And the work she has done so far for Biscayne Labs has been nothing short of sensational. Furthermore, she is a pleasure to work with and always… ALWAYS… a ton of fun on the phone.

The truth is, I cannot wait… literally… for the third, fourth, firth, and sixth projects we work on together. But I guess I’ll have to wait. Getting on her schedule is no small feat. If you ever get the chance to work with Carline, count your lucky stars, you may have just hit the jackpot.”

– Caleb O'Dowd, Biscayne Labs

"Crazy brillance!"

"Carline, I saw the video of your presentation at AWAI. I know you said you gave me a rating of five with three additional handwritten stars, but I must say yours was so much better.

The energy, the enthusiasm, the spontaneity, the humor, the high-wire courage, the live results (!), the live grandchildren performing (!!), the live telephone call to Clayton (!!!) …

... I can honestly say I’ve never seen any presentation quite like it before. I’d give you a rating of five with TEN additional handwritten stars! Plus, I wish, wish, wish I could write like you. I’m probably too old to change my approach at this point, but you’ve inspired me to try.

Like I said in my speech, I wish I could get into your head for FIVE MINUTES, girlfriend, because there is some crazy brilliant stuff going on in there! Congratulations again on the Copywriter of the Year award. There’s never been anyone who deserved it more."

– Richard Armstrong, Copywriter, 

"A short list – and she's on top!"

“I can count on my fingers those who are true masters at copywriting. Carline is on that short list. I plan to hire her many times again, and I hope you don’t, because her waiting list is long enough as it is. She produces to-die-for results, and to top it off, she’s really cool too!"

– Sam Markowitz, Markowitz Advertising