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Can I have your money puh-leez


Can I have your money
puh— leez?

Here’s how to master the art of nailing the sale!


Hiya CopyStar,

I’ve seen copy with a killer headline… credibility up the whazoo… and an intriguing story BOMB in the mail. Why?

The copywriter made a fatal mistake:

He never took the prospect by the hand and told him what to do to nail the sale!

That used to be me.

When it came to closing the letter and asking for the order— I wimped out.

I’d start backtracking and rambling on until I lost momentum in my copy. I kinda felt embarrassed talking money to my prospect. So I just figured I’d sneak it in the conversation— or worse— just leave it to the prospect to find out the cost on the order card.

What made me come to my senses?


Yep, my packages were getting spanked in the mail. When I got tired of getting my butt beat— I got my butt in gear and took a hard, critical look at my packages. I went through a basic copywriting checklist:

Strong headline? Check.

Solid Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for the product? Check.

Undeniable credibility? Check.

Meeting prospect’s immediate needs? Check.

Strong close with an unbeatable offer? WHOOPS!

Package after package, I saw that my close was limp.

Now, the close is the part of the package where after you’ve convinced your prospect how great your product is— you TELL ‘EM WHAT TO DO!

That’s right. When making a sale— you need to lead your prospect by the hand and walk him through the sale. Don’t leave it up to him to figure it out. He hasn’t got the time or energy— and if he hesitates— you’ve lost the sale!

So right now, I’m going to show you a few easy ways to write a powerful close to nail the sale. It’s not rocket science, but boy does it make your results SOAR! Here’s what I do:

#1: Restate one or two key points in your copy:

In this case, I’m reminding prospect of the 100% risk free offer:

Please remember— you have absolutely nothing to lose by accepting (company’s name) generous 100% risk free trial offer. You must personally experience significant, dramatic improvements in your health or simply return the unused portion (even if it’s the last capsule in the bottle) and receive a full refund. All the gifts you received are yours to keep absolutely FREE of charge.

I urge you: Accept this remarkable offer. Call TOLL-FREE 1-800-xxx-xxxx now, and (company name) will rush your (product name) and your FREE gifts to you. Or if you prefer, just turn to page xx of this report and use the handy order form. Either way, you’ll be giving your (pick one or two organs) the ultimate gift of health-and they’ll reward you for decades to come with energy and vitality!

#2: Acknowledge the prospect’s skepticism

If your offer seems too good to be true— acknowledge it to your prospect:


I sure hope so! That’s why I want you to try (product name)completely RISK FREE!

That’s right! You’re protected by my “You must be satisfied— or you pay nothing” GUARANTEE!” And this guarantee has NO deadline!

(Product name) MUST work for you for as long as you take it! No 3… 6… or 12 month deadline here, my friend. This guarantee is valid for as long as you use (product name)!

I wouldn’t think of keeping your hard-earned money if you weren’t absolutely, 100% satisfied with your results!

But I’m not worried— I know the amazing and unique formula in (product name) will work for you— and soon, you’ll know it too!

So let me hear from you today! Call TOLL FREE 1-800-xxx-xxxx to claim your introductory supply!

#3: Pull the “fairness” string!

Let your prospect know you’re upright and honest. Give him a proposition that’s fair and makes sense:

If not— simply return(product name)— even if the containers are nearly empty— and you get a full, 100% no questions asked refund on every penny you paid! You must be convinced this amazing formula is working for you— or you pay NOTHING!

I think that’s fair, don’t you?

I want you to experience your own success story— just like the folks you’ve just read about in this special bulletin. And you will when you try (product name) today!

My friend, this is the easiest and BEST decision you can make today. So do it now and CALL 1-800 xxx-xxxx and give yourself the gift of health!

Did you notice one common thread in ALL of the above samples?

Yep— they ALL told the prospect what to do: Call TOLL FREE now or mail in your order card immediately!

Sometimes, I make my close as simple as:

  •  Pick up the phone and CALL 1-800-xxx-xxxx!
  •  Mail your reservation certificate in the postage-paid envelope and put it in your mailbox today!
  •  CLICK HERE to claim your free gifts!

These are all simple tools for a powerful close. And remember, to nail the sale— you’ve got to ASK FOR THE MOOLAH!

Yours for stellar results,


Carline Anglade-Cole
Million-Dollar Copywriter & Consultant