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Meet Carline...

carline1If you’re looking for a kick-butt direct response copywriter who specializes in the alternative health field – Ta Dah!
You found me!

My name is Carline Anglade-Cole – Million-Dollar Copywriter and winner of AWAI’s Copywriter of the Year Award.

If you’re not familiar with this prestigious honor – well, let’s just say...

... it’s the "Academy Award" of the copywriting industry!

Pretty awesome!

Well, now that you’ve found me – here’s your chance to get to know me... see what I can do... and most importantly – discover how I can create that next blockbuster control you’re looking for you!

So have fun on my website!

Click on the videos! Be a part of the amazing American Writers and Artists Inc (AWAI) Copywriter of the Year award presentation. Have fun at my first ever “roast” by Clayton Makepeace and my daughters. I’ll warn you now – you’re in for some tearjerkers...Click Here

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I don't work with just anybody –
It’s got to be a good fit for both of us...

I’ll tell you right now – I’m not your run-of-the mill direct response copywriter. I specialize in the alternative health field – unless of course, you’re OPRAH! Then I’ll make an exception!

I deliver out-of-the box ideas... winning strategies...and creative approaches to appeal to the 50+ year old health-conscious market. And sometimes...

... well, let’s just say I get a little CRAZY!

For example – take a look at a promotion I wrote to sell a popular Omega-3 heart formula. I GUARANTEE you haven’t seen anything like this in the mail before! Click Here

Did it work?

What do YOU think?

Would you – as my client – have the guts to even TRY this approach?

Hey, I need to know – if we’re going to work together!

Because I’m looking for clients who want creativity... ingenuity... and a SUCCESSFUL track record!

Clients who want to be LEADERS in the alternative health field.

If that’s not you – then, please, PLEASE find another copywriter. Don’t want to waste your time – or mine.

But if I haven’t scared you off so far - well, then I need to get to know YOU better! Cuz – honestly, I only work with people I like.

Life’s way too short, don’t you agree?

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