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If operators are busy, please keep calling!


If operators are busy, please keep calling!

Hiya CopyStar,

In our 21st century marketing world of treating the customer as #1 and catering to his every demand — the phrase, “If operators are busy, please keep calling” would be a turn off, right?

After all, who wants to stand in line… wait… or keep calling only to hear a constant busy signal — and who the heck has busy signals nowadays anyway!

That’s what I thought as I read the book, “YES! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive” co-authored by persuasion expert Professor Robert B. Cialdini. He’s also the mastermind and author of the best seller, “Influence”.

But right in the first chapter, the authors of YES! teach a powerful lesson that every marketer and copywriter must learn:

Other people’s behavior can have a powerful  influence on your prospect.

In other words, when you’re in doubt about what to do — you generally follow the crowd. That’s why…

… You check out the star ratings and reviews on movies before you shell out the money for your ticket…

… You ask your neighbors and friends to recommend their favorite restaurant, dry cleaner, or car wash…

… And you invest in the best (and popular) stocks and mutual funds — after all, people who are much smarter than you are doing it, right?

Tapping into this “herd-like mentality” can give your copy some needed boost — and get your prospects rushing to place their order. That’s why “if operators are busy, please keep calling” can be very powerful on your order form!

Think about it. If after reading your brilliant copy, the prospect still has a twinge of hesitancy about placing his order, “if operators are busy, please keep calling” may just be the nudge he needs to pull out that credit card and place the order! Here’s why:

What mental image does your prospect conjure up when he hears the commonly used phrases, “operators are waiting” or “operators are standing by?” Hmm…

… Maybe it’s a roomful of bored phone reps twiddling their thumbs, doing crossword puzzles or filing their nails just WAITING for the blasted phone to finally ring? If so…

… According to the authors of “Yes!” — that’s “an image indicative of low demand and poor sales.” But…

… Imagine how your perception of the product’s popularity changes when you see, “if operators are busy, please call again.”

Instead of bored phone reps, you picture busy folks hustling and bustling — without even a coffee break — to handle the mother load of calls coming in for that awesome product! In other words…

… Your prospect now “feels” that everybody’s buying the product — so he must be making the right decision!

In the world of social psychology, you’re “demonstrating to your prospect the power of social proof to influence other people’s actions.”

In other words,  “Don’t miss out — everybody’s doing it. You should too!”

I’ve gotten several of my clients to add “if operators are busy, please keep calling” near the order form.

Actually, I asked them to test it first, but so far, all of them thought it was such a no-brainer — they added it to the order form automatically!

Here are a couple of ways you can work the “if operators are busy, please keep calling” copy in the order form design:

toll-free                     save-time

So give it a try! Put “if operators are busy, please keep calling” on your order form. You may soon find customers lining up to order the product. And that can mean BIG ROYALTY checks for you in the near future!

Yours for stellar results,

Carline Anglade-Cole

Million-Dollar Copywriter & Consultant