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7 Reasons to JUMP into the Health Market NOW


7 Reasons to JUMP into the Health Market NOW!

Hiya CopyStar,

People are always going to worry about their health. Even despite crazy recessions — the health marketplace grows! And the older America is getting — the BETTER for you!

New companies are popping up and creating boutique products for their health segments. And people are still BUYING supplements… herbs… …books…magazines — and all kinds of contraptions and devices — to stay healthy and avoid expensive doctor and hospital bills!

And these companies need COPYWRITERS — for online and offline marketing!

So if you’ve been sitting on the fence trying to decide which way to steer your career — here are 7 reasons why I say go to HEALTH…

Reason #7
Health is one of the fastest growing markets in America —

Over 78 million Americans born between 1946 to 1964 make up the “Baby Boomers” — and THOUSANDS of these folks are turning 50 every day!

With a longer life expectancy — they’re looking for ways to stay healthy and get more out of life. These folks are not the “over the hill” gang — they’re your CASH COW!

And like I said earlier, existing companies and NEW companies are creating health products — and they need writers to help them sell their goods. That’s where YOU come in! There are more opportunities than ever in direct mail and online marketing for new writers to get a foot in the door. Go for it!

Reason #6
You can BE your market!

If you’re already a Baby Boomer — you’ve got an inside track to understanding your market.

You’re experiencing new aches and pains anyway — so why not use that first-hand knowledge and experience to make some serious MOOLAH!

Years ago, I had to create focus groups of older folks so I could try to “get into their heads” and understand their health problems. But now…

I’m in my 50’s — and believe me — I AM the market! So when I write my copy — I’m writing to convince ME of how wonderful this product is. And if I can believe in the promises — I’ve got a great shot at convincing the rest of the market too! So make your pain — your gain!

Reason #5
“Niche-ing” – is the key to RAPID success!

A funny thing happens when you create exclusivity — you get MORE business!

That’s probably why brain surgeons make a heck of a lot more money than general practitioners.

When I repositioned myself as “a copywriter who specializes in the alternative health field” — I got MORE jobs than when I was a general “take whatever comes my way” copywriter! In fact …

…When I “niched” myself (ow, that sounds painful, doesn’t it?)… I actually DOUBLED my income in one year — and doubled it AGAIN the following year! Woo hoo! Specificity sells!

So even if you don’t have a boatload of clients — you can start to niche yourself starting right now! How?

Just say it.

“I’m an alternative health copywriter”.

Now be it!

Go out there and let those health companies know about you!

Reason #4
The demand for alternatives to drugs … surgeries …
and conventional doctors is smokin’ HOT!

This booming over-50 market is eager to find natural remedies that can help them say “Bye Bye Bypass” and prevent them from going under the knife.

Plus, this marketplace is becoming ever more distrustful of doctors and the medical establishment. They’re “Sick and Tired” of taking fistfuls of prescription drugs… and spending hours … days … or months in doctor’s visits and hospital stays!

(By the way “Bye Bye Bypass” and “If You’re Sick and Tired” were 2 of my headlines that KICKED-BUTT in the health market!)

And another thing:

These folks got the purchase power to pay dearly for natural remedies that really work! Ka-ching! That means steady work FOR YOU!

Reason #3
Publishers and supplement companies are

Demand is at a premium for health copywriters who can bring in the bodies through the front door. But A-list copywriters get snatched up very quickly! That’s good news for you because that means less competition for the other opportunities.

What other opportunities?

Well, there are even greater opportunities for less-experienced writers too!
How you ask? Well …

… Once a client gets a new customer — the customer becomes part of his “house file” — and a smart marketer will continue to sell other products to the house-file name.

The client doesn’t want to pay “L’il ole me” the hefty copywriting fee I charge for an acquisition package. Noooohhh …

… He’s looking for someone more reasonably priced (aka cheaper) to write renewal promotions, back-end and other cross-selling products to his existing customers!

That gives YOU a great opportunity to get in the “back door” and do your THANG! And when you impress the client — you’re that much closer to landing the bigger, sexier promo jobs!

Reason #2
You get to sample NEW products
BEORE they hit the market!

The truth is: Supplements ain’t cheap! So how cool is it when your clients send you FREE 30 … 60 … even 90-day samples of the product you’re working on!

That’s a mega savings on your personal vitamin, herb and nutritional product stash each and every year! I’ve tried a bunch of really cool and innovative products — many are debuting in the market in the coming months! For example…

… while every one at the next cocktail party is complaining about feeling tired and waking up at all hours of the night — you can tell them about little-known Chinese rememdy called “Yi Fang” — that’s proven to give you restful sleep. See the promo Click Here

And if a friend is worried about his heart or experiencing poor circulation — drop some knowledge on him about the remarkable miracle gas molecule called Nitric Oxide. It says “Open Sesame” to your arteries. No kidding — check it out! Click Here

Oh — if you see a neighbor reaching for that bran muffin to get more fiber to fight constipation — tell her about the amazing non-fiber remedy that keeps your regular. Yep — “Just DOO it” — is another winning headline you can check out Click Here

While writing for these products — I get the benefit from their spectacular healing power in the process — and that puts me at least one step ahead of my goals to clear my arteries … relieve joint pain … sleep better … poop like clockwork…think sharper … and of course — look younger than the age on my driver’s license!

And my FAVORITE reason for JUMPING into the health market full steam and head first is …

Reason #1
You get an honorary “doctor” status —
without paying the high tuition fees!

Your friends and family will flock to you for advice and remedies to cure their health problems — because they really think you’re an EXPERT!

You wouldn’t believe how many of my guy friends secretly ask me for natural remedies for male potency. My favorite recommendation so far: Horny goat weed — I just love to say the name! But I’ll tell you what — I‘ve got a client coming out with another REMARKABLE potency formula soon. Can’t reveal it yet — but guys are gonna love it!

And my phone rings off the hook from girlfriends looking for natural remedies to help with their “personal summers”…fight off wrinkles…and lose that blasted 10 pounds once and for all!

Even my husband — who’s now become an alternative medicine convert — frequently comes to “Dr. Copywriter” for remedies that keep him playing basketball with the young guys! He swears by one of my client’s joint formulas. And now he regularly takes beta glucan to help fight off the flu and other illnesses!

Plus, it’s pretty cool to know that instead of Advil — I can get rid of my headache with magnesium …

… Pass on the Coumadin and naturally prevent blood clots with Nattokinase… … And to clobber fatigue — I twist open a capsule of D-Ribose and pour it under my tongue for a nearly instant and natural burst of energy!

If you don’t know about these remarkable remedies — you WILL when your clients PAY you to become “Dr. Copywriter!”

So there you have it!

Can you see why I absolutely believe the alternative health market is the ultimate HOT SPOT for this year and beyond?

So take that leap! If you need some training — I really recommend you tap into the folks at AWAI — they’re the ultimate “University of Copywriting!” Check them out at

And don’t worry — keep reading CopyStar — and I’ll do my best to let you know about exciting job opportunities and great clients in need of help — so YOU can go after them and reach your copywriting goals!

Yours for stellar results,


Carline Anglade-Cole