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3 Powerful Headlines To Grab your Prospect by the Eyeballs!


3 powerful headlines to
grab your prospect by the eyeballs!


Hi CopyStar,

Read this or die.

Who in their right mind can resist this headline? Turns out NOT too many folks!

It was a blockbuster success for a newsletter called Alternatives almost two decade ago.

I wish I could say I wrote it — but that would be a lie. The credit (and royalty checks) go to a phenomenal copywriter named Jim Rutz. But let me tell you…

… seeing that headline was a turning point in my copywriting career. Here’s why…

Up until that time, I played it safe and mainly wrote traditional, benefit-oriented headlines. “Read this or die” changed my whole perspective and opened my eyes to seductive, mysterious and downright SCARY approaches to writing headlines.

It showed me that to break out of the “me too” crowd and get a blockbuster winner — I had to take calculated chances with my headline — and man, did I ever!

I’ve come up with some doozies since then and it’s made my clients a boatload of money!

So, in this issue, I thought I’d give you 3 headline techniques I regularly use to create winning headlines. The truth is…

… when I follow one of these techniques to write strong, compelling copy — I get a winner — and many times a KICK BUTT winner. No kidding!

So try them — and see for yourself. Let’s start first with the traditional…


Benefit Headline


This headline is what I call my “bread and butter.” A benefit headline just lays it on the line and spells out the benefits — without a lot of hype and hoopla.

Here are some examples from my packages…
In just minutes — you can get a…
99% Boost of Nitric Oxide
And Revive Withering Organs!

(Over a year — and still a KILLER control!)

* * * * *

How to Save Your Bones from Osteoporosis

* * * * *

The Real Truth about Inflammation

* * * * *

Are you ready to become an EX-arthritis sufferer?

* * * * *

The New CoQ10 Breakthrough

* * * * *

Nature’s Remarkable Energy Pill

* * * * *

Benefit headlines are a solid way to get your message in front of your prospect. But if you’re competing with other products that offer similar benefits — this may not be the best way to go.

In other words, unless your benefit is really unique or intriguing — you’ll probably need to do more than state the obvious benefit. If that’s the case, I’ll usually move on to…


Emotion Headline


This type of headline addresses the frustrations, fears and worries of your prospect. Most often the headline doesn’t directly offer a practical benefit — it just taps into pure emotion!

A few examples from my recent projects…

S #@T(crossed out) Stuff Happens

* * * * *

Don’t be fooled by weight loss
Lies, Lies, Lies…
Calories Do Matter!

* * * * *

They laughed when Japanese scientists treated poor circulation with a simple bacteria…
But then they saw…
(Yep, “but then they saw…” was the headline. Crazy, right? But hey, it was a control for over a year!)

* * * * *

Do you know what’s really making you fat?

* * * * *

If you could see your overworked liver…

(This headline had a very graphic photo of a “Blue Liver Face man”. You can see this powerful graphic on the kick-butt control section on my website   It’s under the True Health client: Click Here. Many people told my client this cover gave them “chills”!)

* * * * *

Got Gas?

* * * * *

See why I love emotion leads? They just PLUCK at the heart strings – or a sensitive nerve!

But remember this: You can’t rely strictly on emotion. You’ve got to follow it up with strong benefits. Do that and you’ve got a one-two punch for a kick-butt headline!

Having said all that, don’t forget about this next type of headline. It gives you the best of both worlds — and can quickly turn your package into a winner…


Benefit and Emotion Combo Headline


These present the key benefit and tie in an emotion right up front! I’ve had many successes with this approach.

For example…

They laughed when I wanted running shoes
for my 70th birthday… but when I won the 5K,
now my friends want to know…
What in the world are you taking?

* * * * *

Got Joint Pain? Allergic to Shellfish? No Problem!
Introducing the newest breakthrough in joint health…

* * * * *

Here’s how you can rediscover…
Good old-fashioned treatments and cures that STILL work better than drugs and surgery!

* * * * *

If you’re taking Lipitor, Mevacor, Pravachol, Altocor, Lescol, Zocor, Crestor or any other statin drugs…
Read this URGENT BULLETIN immediately!
The Shocking Truth about
Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs!
(Combined with the heart-stopping photograph, this was a powerful – and extremely successful promotion! )

* * * * *

How my enlarged prostate
saved me from going bald

* * * * *

Everyday Health Secrets for Dummies!
Everything you’ve always wanted to know to feel better…heal faster… and live longer!
(but were afraid to ask!)

* * * * *

Discover the remarkable remedy that…
Makes old hearts young again!

* * * * *

Are you shrinking?
Discover the surprising cause of bone loss!

* * * * *

See what I mean? Benefit and emotion are powerful tools — and combined, they can really rev up response! So don’t be afraid to try them. Trust me. They work!
And feel free to check out my website — I’ve got tons of kick-butt packages for you to learn from! Just go to

But wait – there’s MORE…


A few quick ways to spruce up
any headline!


Now that you’ve learned my 3 easy secrets for writing kick-butt headlines — don’t just stop there! Take a look at a headline you’re working on. Can you jazz it up to increase your response? Most likely the answer is YES! Here are 3 more ways you can do it. …

1. Offer a transaction:

Let the reader know what he’s going to get when he gives you a few minutes of his time:

Get WHATEVER you want…
without sacrificing QUALITY…
for HALF price…
Or even FREE — Guaranteed!

* * * * *

Give me just 16 hours
and I’ll help you experience
a genuine health miracle…

* * * * *

2. Be VERY specific:

Give your headline even more credibility with a few well- chosen facts:

Little-known test finds breast cancer
12 YEARS earlier than mammograms!
And it doesn’t mash or squeeze the daylights
out of your breasts either!

* * * * *

The Hidden Illness that Zaps Your Energy
And how this simple 92-cent remedy
spots it QUICK!

* * * * *

3. Add intrigue and curiosity to your headline:

Find a catchy phrase or saying to grab your prospect’s attention. For example…

If you are sick and tired…

* * * * *

True or false?

* * * * *

It’s about time you know…

* * * * *

Urgent health advisory for your neighborhood

* * * * *

What did it?

* * * * *

OK, NOW you know just as much as I do about writing killer headlines, CopyStar — so get crack’n!

Until next time,


Yours for stellar results,

Carline Anglade-Cole
Million-Dollar Copywriter & Consultant